Advanced Bio-energy animal healing helped  to heal an injured horse

Advanced Bio-energy animal healing helped to heal an injured horse

Do you ever wish you could help your horse or pet or any other animal or bird that may be sick, suffering or in pain?

  • Everyone has the ability to help any animal or bird to heal. All you need is your two hands, and the skills and knowledge you will learn on this Advanced online, Bio-Energy animal healing training course
  • One of the practical video lessons on this course shows how to apply many different Bio Energy healing techniques to an injured horse. Sharamona had an injured fetlock, which appeared to be causing pain and discomfort. This stallion was also quite traumatised following this recent injury
  • Bio energy was applied to the front left leg for the physical injury and also bio energy was applied to the horse’s chakras to help decrease the intensity of shock and trauma as a result of the accident
Research shows that when the body’s energy is flowing freely and uninterrupted, the body is healthy, however illness and sickness can quickly set in when this life-force energy becomes blocked or stagnant.

The basis of bio-energy healing is to understand and have the knowledge of how and when to apply energy healing methods to an animal who may be sick, injured or suffering with ill-health. The aim of a bio-energy therapist / healer or practitioner is to apply different techniques and applications for a variety of health issues to a horse or any animal, mammal, or bird.

These same techniques are applicable for wild or tame animals, farm animals or your pet. There are many different energy healing techniques shown on this online animal healing training course including how to clear and balance the overall energy field of the animal’s body.

What you learn on the advanced bio-energy animal healing course

  • You can learn how to clear and unblock stagnant or blocked energy in the physical, emotional and mental levels of the animal’s energy field, allowing the body to activate its own natural inner healing ability
  • You can learn how to feel and sense energy in your hands and in the energy field of a horse or any animal
  • You can learn Advanced Bio-Energy healing techniques for the back and spine to help relax and decrease muscular tension or spasm which may then allow structural realignments to take place
  • You can learn techniques and applications that may help to balance and harmonize the horse’s overall body and all levels of the energy field thus endeavouring to create an overall state of health and balance
  • You can learn how to apply Advanced Bio-Energy therapy techniques to help clear, balance and harmonise the chakras where energy is more concentrated and focused
  • You can learn Advanced Bio-Energy animal healing techniques for emotional issues, also for pain, injuries, or problems related to organs, glands, tissue or joints etc.
  • You can learn how to use distant (or distance) healing on any animal using a sample of hair or a photograph. This involves applying a distant healing method which can be used to work on a pet or any animal many miles away or when it may be unsafe to work in close proximity to a particular animal
  • You can also learn how to dowse for imbalances or blockages in an animal’s energy field and chakras
  • You can also learn how to dowse for food sensitivities or environmental sensitivities that may be affecting an animal’s health and well-being
Our many demonstration video tutorial lessons will show all the various techniques which you can use to assist the healing process of any animal or bird. These can include wild or tame animals, farm or domestic animals, horses, cats, dogs, birds, or any pet.

The advanced bio-energy animal healing techniques are simple and very easy to apply. These bio-energy healing techniques for animals are powerful, effective, non-invasive and pain-free. Visit our website to check out the what is probably the best animal energy healing course available anywhere online. We have not seen a similar course that offers so much content, information and valuable professional knowledge.

Start your journey to becoming an animal energy healer.

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Your most asked question
What technique is used for pain?

One of these is called the draw-out technique. This involves first energising an area of pain or injury using two hands to help activate and stimulate healthy energy in that particular area and then use two hands to clear blocked or stagnant energy from the area of pain. If you would like to know more about our online course click the link below.