How Gongs Can Have a Profound Effect on Body, Mind and Spirit

How Gongs Can Have a Profound Effect on Body, Mind and Spirit

Gongs are one of the earliest musical instruments ever found by archaeologists. Gongs are believed to have been unearthed in central Asia nearly four thousand years ago, however through the centuries they have had a more popular association with China.

There are now many types and sizes of gongs including the Chinese gong, Moon gong, Chau gongs, Planet gongs, Symphonic gongs, Sabian gongs, Zodiac gongs, Opera gongs, Tiger gongs, Tibetan gongs and wind gongs, to name just a few.

These are generally called suspended gongs because they are usually suspended from a rope or strap attached to a steel frame and played with a mallet.

Gongs were traditionally used to herald the announcement of a royal subject or to signal the arrival of some important leader or dignitary. Gongs can sometimes be heard in orchestras and often form part of a musical cresendo during a live stage or musical performance.

In this course we are more concerned with how gongs can be used in sound healing therapy.

Gongs are the most amazing instruments. Gongs generate powerful, vibrant, dramatic and intense vibrations. Many people will attend a sound healing therapy session for what’s known as a gong bath.

During an approximate 45 minute gong bath the client or patient may sit some distance from the gong. Sometimes they may prefer to lie on a therapy table or on the floor on a comfortable mat or mattress.

The gong produces long sustaining tones, with a multitude of harmonics and overtones. The variation of different sounds is limitless creating nature like sounds or sounds of the sea and crashing waves. When smaller rubber mallets are applied to the face of the gong the most beautiful sounds emanate similar in many ways to the haunting sounds created by whales or dolphins.

The therapist plays the gong like a musical instrument to help stimulate feelings of peace and relaxation. This can help to allow the release of stress or anxiety and enhance a feeling of overall well-being for a client.

The sound vibrations of a gong can be applied in a healing therapy situation for health concerns related to organs or glands and the body as a whole due to the intensity and vibrancy of the sound vibrations it produces.

The experience has been described by many clients as transformational, breath-taking, and some people have reported feeling transported onto outer levels of consciousness and astral travelling during a session of gong playing.

In our course videos you will see demonstrations of gongs being used singularly and with two gongs being played simultaneously, plus you will see a Chinese gong plus a Moon gong being played during a therapy session with the client lying on a nearby therapy table.

The therapist follows their own intuition as they play the gong like a musical instrument creating a massive variety of sounds to help the client to relax, de-stress and allow inner healing to take place on all levels; physical, emotional, mental and spiritual.
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