How Bio Energy is applied to help clear and balance Animal Chakras

How Bio Energy is applied to help clear and balance Animal Chakras

There are many techniques and applications in the animal energy healing training course.

Learn how to work on an animal’s chakras which you can apply to help clear and unblock stagnant or blocked energy in the physical, emotional and mental levels of the animal’s energy field and in doing so allow the body to activate its own natural inner healing ability.

  • There are a number of on and off the body Advanced Bio-Energy Animal Healing techniques which you can learn for working on the back and spine to help relax and decrease muscular tension or spasm which may then allow structural realignments to take place
  • There is also a section on dowsing using a pendulum which is most beneficial and helpful. In the dowsing section you can learn how to dowse foods for various animals and check if the animals may have any sensitivities to certain products which might be affecting their health
  • You can also learn how to send distant healing to an animal or bird many miles away using a sample of hair or feather of the bird or animal and a photograph. In this case you are working on a model of the animal. There are 57 demonstration video lessons on this online course. You can simply watch all videos one by one and emulate what you see being demonstrated
All techniques and applications are clearly demonstrated by professional tutors with over 30 years experience working in the area of alternative healing. 

It is comparable to watching a real live workshop or training course in the comfort of your own home, at your own pace and in your own time.

There are many health issues covered in our online course including

  • Applying Bio-Energy techniques for organs and Glands
  • Plus special techniques for working on limbs and Joints
You can learn all the animal bio-energy healing techniques and applications by viewing them being demonstrated on screen in all the video tutorials included in this online course.

When you have watched all the tutorial videos you will have a better understanding how to work with different animals that may have a variety of different health issues. There are demonstration videos showing how to apply Advanced Bio-Energy Animal Healing techniques on your Pet or on a:

  • Horse, Dog, Cat, Cow and Birds
Once you have the knowledge and understand how to apply this Bio-Energy Animal Healing therapy, you may begin to help animals, birds and mammals to heal. You can learn how to help stimulate and activate the animal’s own natural process of self-healing.

This is a gentle, effective, simple healing method which anyone can learn. Start a new career as a certified professional animal energy healer. Receive your certification with a diploma in animal energy healing.
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Your most asked question
What are animal chakras?

All animals (just like humans) have energy fields surrounding and permeating their entire body. These energy fields have areas or locations where this energy is more focused and concentrated. These areas are called chakras or energy vortexes. If you would like to know more about our online course click the link below.