A beginner’s guide to how easy it is to learn about Animal Energy Healing

A beginner’s guide to how easy it is to learn about Animal Energy Healing

We decided that it might be an idea to show how easy it is to learn our animal energy healing techniques. In this video we demonstrate short snippets of some of the many animal energy healing techniques featured in our animal healing training course. See how easy it is to learn the many energy healing techniques for the physical body and chakras using models of animals to practice with.

Animal energy healing is all about what you can do to help your pet or any animal that may need healing at a physical, emotional or mental level. There are many techniques shown on this unique animal energy healing course including practical video demonstrations of applying energy healing for horses, cows, cats, dogs and birds.

Animals have no pre-conditioning and totally accept and respond very well to energy healing. We are often asked how a practical therapy such as energy healing with on animals can be presented as an online training course when it is so visual and requires movement and interaction with the animals?

The answer is very simple. We have devised a simple method of presenting aspects and techniques which may be applied during an animal energy healing session. Now, you the student can learn this complete animal energy healing course in an easy-to-understand and uncomplicated manner.

Simply watch our practical demonstration videos
Copy what you see on the screen of your phone, pc or tablet
Practice what you see initially on an animal model, before attempting any of the techniques on animals or birds.
Learn in your own time and at your own pace
Learn these animal energy healing techniques in the comfort of your own home
When you complete the course - download your certified Diploma
Use this energy healing knowledge to help your pet or any animal or bird to assist their natural inner healing process
Alternatively you can choose to start a new career

Distance E-learning has never been easier. It is an enjoyable and exciting way to learn. It is available at a fraction of the cost of a live training workshop. You can save the high costs of travel, accommodation and time away from work or your family. When the course is complete, download your Diploma in Animal Energy Healing.

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Your most asked question
What is an Animal Energy Healer?

An animal energy healing therapist / healer is a person who is trained in the use of energy healing therapy methods and would use a holistic approach to working with animals in order to help restore balance to any animal at a physical, emotional, mental level. If you would like to know more about our online course click the link below.