Thank you all at the online learning centre for a great animal healing course. It was fascinating to watch all the healing videos on different animals. My interest in doing this course was so that I could set up my own business doing animal healing therapy.

I just love animals so when I saw this healing course online I enrolled straight away. I found it easy to learn how I could help animals with physical injuries and how to work on their chakras and energy fields.

Working on chakras opened up an avenue of opportunity for animals that may have emotional issues or have been traumatised in some way. This was all new to me but it made sense as I always believed that animals had feelings.

I have now set up my own practice which is small but busy at the moment and I’m hoping to expand to larger premises in the near future. The dowsing for animal food sensitivity was really helpful. I have also been doing distant healing using bio energy where a dog or cat or some other animal was located too far away to attend my practice and this is working out very well.

I’m so pleased I learned how to do this bio energy healing for animals. They seem to respond very quickly to the therapy. The feedback has been positive so I must be doing it correctly.

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Abigail – Edmonton, Canada

Last year I decided to enrol for the full certified diploma course in bio energy healing. It was so natural and easy to learn as I had already completed the online self healing training course. I work as a special needs assistant for children which I love but it can be stressful at times. 

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Colin – Toronto, Canada

I was pleasantly surprised to find an energy healing training course online for animals. I had never heard of bio energy healing until I completed this course. I feel this course could be of benefit to anyone who works with animals professionally or may have an animal as a pet.

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