Vinny – Okehampton, England
Thank you all at the online learning centre for a great animal healing course. It was fascinating to watch all the healing videos on different animals. My interest in doing this course was so that I could set up my own energy animal healing practice. I just love animals. It has always been a dream of mine to have a place where people could take their animals for natural forms of healing,
so when I saw the animal energy healing course online I enrolled straight away. The course was presented in such a professional manner that it was so easy to learn all the various hand positions and techniques for working on animals. I have set up my own practice which is small but busy at the moment but I’m hoping to expand to larger premises in the near future. I felt the dowsing techniques for deciding which chakras in the animal would benefit most from therapy really helpful. This opens up an avenue of opportunity for animals which may have emotional issues or have been traumatised in some way. I have also started to do some distant healing where a dog or cat or some other animal was located too far away to attend my practice. If I was in doubt when I was applying distant healing, I would acquire a sample of the animal’s hair and a photograph so I could dowse to see what area of the animal’s body I would prioritize for therapy either physical or emotional. I’m telling you all this so you can see that I’m following your guidelines from the course. When I first saw how you did this on the online training course I couldn’t wait to try it for myself, so I’m so grateful to you for sharing this great gift of energy healing for animals. Wishing you all well in your training centre.

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