This is one of the best courses I have ever studied. I was pleasantly surprised to find an energy healing training course online for animals. I had never heard of energy healing until I completed this course.

You are great teachers and tutors and you covered everything I would have wished to learn. The video lessons were self explanatory. I feel this course could be of benefit to anyone who works with animals professionally or voluntarily or who may have an animal as a pet.

The part on distant healing was particularly interesting and useful for me. I have a number of wild horses on my farm. One of these horses is a stallion we call Mac. He is a very nervous animal indeed and not used to close human contact. One day Mac fell into a drain and almost drowned. When we eventually managed to get him out of the drain he was terrified.

I knew I wouldn’t be able to get near to him to calm him down so I decided to do some distant healing on him using bio energy instead. This was my first experience using bio energy healing for distant healing. I used a small horse model as shown in your course first working on his chakras and then on his overall body.

After about three therapy sessions there was a noticeable change in Mac and he was even calmer than he was before the accident. After three more therapy sessions we could actually approach him and get closer to him. Well done to the animal healing tutors at your learning centre.

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Michelle – Glasgow, UK

The introduction to this online animal bio energy healing training course was priceless in helping me understand what bio energy healing was all about and how it could be applied to any animal. I learned how to help animals not just physically, but mentally and emotionally as well.  

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Norman – Birmingham, UK

Training in this energy healing really opened my eyes and my mind to limitless possibilities. It was a most enlightening online bio energy course. I know now that energy healing therapy crosses all borders.  Initially I couldn't understand how something so subtle could be so powerful. 

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