I have completed many online training courses in the past, and I was so pleased when I saw that so much was shared without reservation on this energy healing course. I could not believe that so much could be packed into an online course.

You covered everything that I needed to learn and now that I have my diploma I am ready to get up and running and start my own energy healing business.

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Jennifer – Toronto, Canada

I recently purchased two small pups at 6 months old, a brother and a sister. They whined day and night. My neighbours were constantly complaining. Someone suggested they were suffering from separation anxiety and I should take them for animal bio energy.

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Alice - Dublin, Ireland

Your energy healing course is truly amazing. It demonstrates so clearly how and why energy healing actually works. When I learned how to do psychokinesis it confirmed for me the extraordinary power that exists in the human energy field. My dream was always to become an energy healer. From the moment that I learned how to feel and sense the energy

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