Ten out of ten for a wonderful and exciting bio energy healing training course. It was one of the best courses I have done. The video lectures made it for me, full of all the information I required. Everything was clear and precise and the sound and visual quality was perfect all the way through.

The case studies helped me to understand better where and when to apply bio energy healing for different health problems. Chakra clearing and balancing was something I had read a little about but it was very well explained on this course when and where to apply it for emotional issues.

It was good how the course covered the principals and history of energy healing at the beginning so I got an idea where bio energy healing originated and how these ancient healing methods have evolved over centuries to the modern way they are used in today’s world of natural healing.

The dowsing section is a huge added bonus. I never heard of geopathic stress but after learning how to dowse and reading how geopathic stress could affect some people, I decided to use the dowsing methods shown on the course to see if I was in any way affected by geopathic stress.

I discovered there was a well underneath the bed where I was sleeping, and I read about how wells and springs amongst other things may have an effect on the immune system or the overall health. This may explain why I’m so susceptible to cold and flu and why my immune system may be low. I’m hoping the changes will help me regain better health. I have followed the instructions given about reducing the effects of geopathic stress. 

I also was glad to have received access to the full course straight away without having to apply for each module one at a time. This meant that I could learn the course from start to finish in my own time at my own pace. It still took me almost six weeks to complete but I enjoyed every moment of it. As they say in Wales – Diolch.  

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Jonathan – Liverpool, UK

I work at a stables where we train race horses and occasionally an animal might become ill. At times when the veterinary surgeon had tried and tested everything else he would change his tactics to a form of bio energy therapy and amazingly the animal would improve.

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Diana - Newry, N.Ireland

I had finished the animal energy healing training course a month before and the lectures and therapy information about bio energy healing on a dog was still fresh in my mind.  Two weeks ago my dog Molly fell backwards onto the ground and she couldn’t move her two back legs. 

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