Ten out of Ten for a wonderful and exciting energy healing training course. One of the best courses I have ever completed. The videos made it for me, full of all the information I required, clear and precise, and the sound and visual quality was perfect all the way through.

I wish all the team at your company the best of success with this course as it is so comprehensive and complete. Everyone should learn these truly amazing healing techniques. The new dowsing section is a huge added bonus.

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Gerard - London, UK

I completed the full Bio-Energy online course and was pleasantly surprised with the results I was getting when applying these energy healing techniques. I had never heard of geopathic stress until I studied your videos on dowsing. I am amazed at how food sensitivities and geopathic stress can contribute so much to a person’s ill-health.

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Rayyan - Malaysia

Thank you for the great bioenergy course. I learned so much from it that I did not understand beforehand. It was really well structured. The way you started by explaining how to feel and sense energy in my own hands and in another person’s body set the tone for the course and when I was able to feel the energy

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