My dog Sheba and her brother King had been together since they were pups. After King died, Sheba refused to eat and spent days and nights whining and barking. I applied the chakra healing work to Sheba that I learned from your videos for anxiety and for grief and loss. Sheba is now back eating again and is back to her old self again. Many thanks to your learning centre for all your help.

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Jenny - Dallas, USA

I have been very busy and stressed in my work. I was very fearful of making a decision on a change of career. I had been feeling very nauseous after eating and I couldn’t quite pinpoint what foods I could be sensitive to if any. My doctor said it could be stress related. I felt like a gerbil on a wheel and I couldn’t get off the wheel. Quite by accident I discovered this self-healing course.

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Geri – Amsterdam, Holland

Thank you so much for a wonderful course. It was easy to follow and the video lectures were very professional and informative. It was great to get so much content in one training course with everything laid out in easy to follow stages. I enjoyed the additional section on dowsing which was amazing. I have been spreading the word to my friends.

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