The animal energy healing online course was absolutely top class. The training videos explained every lecture and lesson in great detail and followed one after the other in a perfect sequence from the basic explanations to the advanced healing methods.

My dog Sheba and her brother King had been together since they were pups. After King died, Sheba refused to eat and spent days and nights whining and barking. I applied the bio energy chakra healing work to Sheba that I learned from your videos for anxiety and for grief and loss.

I never realised how much loss and grief could affect a pet or any animal. After learning and understanding about chakras and how each chakra relates to a different set of emotions it all made so much sense to me. Following several sessions of bio energy therapy over a two week period Sheba started eating normally and was full of energy and vitality again.

I learned quite a lot from doing the animal healing course. It helped me to understand in greater detail all about chakras, energy vortexes, the bio energy field and the emotional body and how I myself was affected after the loss of my partner.

I didn’t relax or sleep with pain and grief for a long time and I’ve learned that animals can also suffer from separation anxiety. Your online training course helped me to understand all this really well.

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Rayyan - Malaysia

This was an excellent online bio energy healing training course. I learned so much from it I didn’t understand beforehand. It was really well structured especially the way it explained how to feel and sense the power of energy in my own hands and energy in another person’s body. 

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Mary Louise, New Jersey USA

It was difficult to see a sound healing course that stood out from the rest until I stumbled upon your sound healing online training course. Up to now I thought that a practical course like sound healing could not be learned online. Now I’m setting up in business as a sound healer.

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