I recently completed the bio-energy healing course and received my diploma in bio-energy healing therapy. This is the fulfilment of a lifelong ambition for me as I have always wanted to work in the area of alternative medicine.

Since setting up my bio-energy practice I have seen my business increase on a month by month basis. It is rewarding to be receiving such great feedback from my clients. PS, I loved the new section on dowsing, just fascinating. I thank you for your help and support throughout my training.

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Geraldine – Middlesex, UK

I recently finished the online course on bioenergy healing. I was amazed with the psychokinesis and how just by using my hands and my energy field I could influence and move another person’s body several feet away. That was the turning point for me. After that I had the confidence and belief in myself that I needed to progress

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Jeremiah - Turin, Spain

I was thrilled with every aspect of your sound healing course. I have always had an interest in sound and read many books about sound healing, but you’ve got to hear sound to appreciate it. Your sound healing videos are amazing, the sounds you demonstrate with tuning forks and Tibetan bowls are so pleasing and healing

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