This online bio energy healing training course suited me perfectly. The teachers delivered each video lecture in a way that I could completely understand and learn every technique very easily. I am fifty years of age and dyslexic so my reading skills were never good at school and there was very little sympathy for me.

I am one of these people when I see something demonstrated I rarely forget it. When I was at school I used to get my mother to do my homework which did not help me long-term. I was bullied at school because I was such a slow learner and didn’t quite understand what the teacher was teaching. This made me even more frustrated.

To practice I set up my laptop beside a therapy table and watched each tutored lecture one after the other on video.  That way I could follow the course from start to finish without any problem. I made up a very rough life-size model out of pillows and covered them with a onesie. It was easy to learn then as I was able to copy each movement that I saw on the videos. This was the fulfilment of a lifelong ambition for me as I have always wanted to work in the area of alternative medicine and the health inductry.

I am now explaining about the difficulties I had learning in school so that you will see why I was so excited to see how your course was delivered in simple easy to learn videos. I am pleased to say that I completed your bio energy healing course and received my diploma.

Since setting up my bio energy healing therapy centre I have seen my business increase on a month by month basis. It is rewarding to be receiving such great encouragement from my clients. I have not started doing any distant healing but I’m sure I’ll get around to it eventually. PS, I loved the sections on chakras and on dowsing they were just fascinating. Thanks for your help throughout my training.

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Jonathan – Liverpool, UK

I work at a stables where we train race horses and occasionally an animal might become ill. At times when the veterinary surgeon had tried and tested everything else he would change his tactics to a form of bio energy therapy and amazingly the animal would improve.

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Moya – Dublin Ireland

I have the highest praise for the team behind the online energy healing training course. It was easy to follow as I studied my way through the many video lessons. I'm delighted I took this course in bio energy healing as a therapy for aches, pains, injury and balancing chakras.

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