Thank you for an excellent online bio energy healing training course. I learned so much from it I didn’t understand beforehand. It was really well structured the way it explained how to feel and sense energy in my own hands and in another person’s body. This set the tone for the course.

When I was able to feel the energy in my own two hands I knew then that I was going to be able to follow everything else on the course. I had a particular interest in the sections on dowsing and was interested in finding out more. The dowsing had so much information it could nearly have been a course in itself.

I enrolled in the online course because I wanted to be able to help out family and friends and in particular my youngest daughter who had some health concerns.  One of these was how bloated she would get after eating certain foods.

We had tried a number of remedies without much success. I tried dowsing using the pendulum method for my daughter for food sensitivity. Based on the results we eliminated certain foods for a week and low and behold my daughter’s health improved and the bloatedness gradually diminished.

I have also found it helpful to apply certain bio energy techniques with my daughter, particularly the mind calming method and chakra balancing which has helped with reducing her stress levels. Thanks for sharing this valuable information.

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Susanne – Cornwall, UK

This online bio energy healing training course suited me perfectly. The way the course was presented on tutored lectures made it easy to follow. To learn I set up my laptop beside a therapy table and watched each lecture one after the other on video just copying what I saw.

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Jason - Galway, Ireland

Suddenly I came across this self healing training course I could do online. I couldn’t believe it at first that I could actually initiate a healing process in my own body by using my own natural energy. I had believed if you get sick in any way, you go to your doctor and he would cure you.  

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