Thank you for the great bioenergy course. I learned so much from it that I did not understand beforehand. It was really well structured. The way you started by explaining how to feel and sense energy in my own hands and in another person’s body set the tone for the course and when I was able to feel the energy in my own two hands I knew then that I was going to be able to do everything else on this massive course I enrolled for this course to be able to help out family and friends and in particular my daughter who has some health issues.

I had a particular interest in the sections on dowsing and was interested in finding out more. The dowsing had so much information it could nearly have been a course in itself. As I mentioned my youngest daughter had some health concerns one of which was bloatedness after she would eat certain foods. We had tried a number of remedies without success.

I tried the dowsing using the pendulum method on my daughter for food sensitivities. Based on the dowsing results we eliminated certain foods for a week and low and behold my daughter’s bloatedness has practically gone. I have also found it helpful to apply certain bioenergy techniques with my daughter, particularly the mind calming method which has helped with reducing her stress levels.

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George - Wexford, Ireland

As a result of some traumas in my own life I searched on line and discovered this bio energy course which I must say I have found most beneficial. I was a bit bewildered by how it actually worked, but I still believed in it. The last thing I could have imagined is that one day I would train

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Martin – New Jersey, USA

I would be an absolute sceptic about the existence of something I cannot see such as energy. I completed the online animal energy healing course and started applying the techniques to my own animals. After seeing the results my friends started to bring their pets to me for healing. I am seriously thinking of taking this work up

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