I have completed the self healing course online which I have found to be very powerful and empowering. I am applying the sound healing and bio-energy techniques for my own personal health issues.

I didn’t really know how to address the level of stress in my life until I did this course. I appreciate all the support you provided me with, plus replying to my many questions during the learning course. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel now thanks to you

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Gerard - London, UK

I completed the full Bio-Energy online course and was pleasantly surprised with the results I was getting when applying these energy healing techniques. I had never heard of geopathic stress until I studied your videos on dowsing. I am amazed at how food sensitivities and geopathic stress can contribute so much to a person’s ill-health.

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Jennifer – Toronto, Canada

I recently purchased two small pups at 6 months old, a brother and a sister. They whined day and night. My neighbours were constantly complaining. Someone suggested they were suffering from separation anxiety and I should take them for animal bio energy.

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