Last year I completed the self healing training course online and found it to be most empowering. It helped me with my stress and anxiety and indirectly for other health issues using bio energy techniques, sound healing, chakra clearing and balancing plus diaphramatic breathing techniques.

I didn’t really know how to address the level of stress that was in my life until I did this course. I learned quite a lot most importantly how to separate a stressful situation from a challenging one. Although it was hard to do so, I learned how to use the magic word ‘NO’ after reading a story in your book about not taking other people’s issues on board.

I realised some of my stresses came from my low self-esteem and my ongoing weight related problems. The self healing section on dowsing for health and food sensitivity was all new to me. This prompted me to take charge of my own diet and I began invested time and energy in buying healthy foods.

Just watching the video lessons it was very easy to learn from the way your tutors showed all the self healing information like bioenergy chakra clearing and I started using diaphramatic breathing and grounding techniques every day. I could feel the improvements almost immediately. I haven’t bought any sound healing instruments yet but I intend to do so.

I appreciate all the support you provided me with, plus replying to my many questions. I can see light at the end of the tunnel now thanks to you. I am a very happy healthy man since I put ‘me’ first on my priority list.

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Jack, Belfast, NI

I had the opportunity to do the sound healing training course online when I was confined to my bed after hurting my back. I learned about creating sound vibrations with empathy for healing during therapy. I understood all about sound but not how sound healing really worked until now.

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Mairead – Colchester, UK

I completed the animal energy healing course over the last two months and quality is the word that sticks mostly in my mind.  This online training course provided me with the answers to so many questions I had regarding alternative and complementary healing for animals.

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