This online course training in energy healing really opened my eyes and my mind to limitless possibilities. It was most enlightenig. I know now that bio energy healing therapy crosses all borders, not limited by distance, class, culture or creed. When I watched the videos lessons on the history and principal oof energy healing I got a much clearer image of what energy healing as a therapy really constituted.

I couldn’t grasp how something so subtle had the potential or ability to heal the body. However, it all made sense when the teachers explained how our bodies can sometimes develop blockages due to stress, anxiety, fears and shock and so forth. I could then understand that this bio energy therapy simply helps to clear these blockages and allow the natural life-force energy to do its own inner healing. It all made so much sense to me when this was explained in such great detail.

The example of holding your fist tightly and observing how your knuckles become white was a great way of visually showing how blockages can occur.  As for the dowsing section I am now in my element. I am now self dowsing for everything from geopathic stress to foods that I may be sensitive to.

The way in which the teachers presented each and every video lecture made it so easy to learn and understand all the ways that bio energy can be applied for health concerns. My next step is to set up my own business as a healing therapist and now that I have my diploma there is nothing to stop me. I will continue to practice with family and friends for the moment until I feel I’m ready before setting up my business. My thanks to you for showing me a new and rewarding career opportunity.

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Jeffrey - Ohio, USA

I purchased the self healing course plus the sound healing course after receiving sound therapy for diabetes and gangrene. The specialist had informed me that I had gangrene in my right foot and toes. It was suggested that I may need to have my right leg amputated from below the knee.

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Rayyan - Malaysia

This was an excellent online bio energy healing training course. I learned so much from it I didn’t understand beforehand. It was really well structured especially the way it explained how to feel and sense the power of energy in my own hands and energy in another person’s body. 

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