I work as a full-time teacher. I have 3 young children. I didn’t feel I would have the time t do yet another course, especially online. My life is quite stressful, but seeing so many people around me becoming ill and stressed out, I decided to do the self healing course for myself. It was the answer for me to slow down and use techniques for self healing I could do in the home, in the car and at work.

I have learned how to relax and to stay in the moment. No more awfulizing for me, or racing ahead of myself. I find the self dowsing quite a challenge for me. I can’t lie to myself any more about eating the foods I am sensitive to.

The body doesn’t lie. I’m really grateful for this great eye-opening self healing course.I found that being able to do dowsing for food sensitivities for my clients just by using a piece of their hair was just fascinating and so helpful for both me and them. Thank you all.

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Harold – Bristol, England

I work fulltime as an architect. I did the sound healing course for no particular reason. It opened up so many avenues for healing for me. I can’t get enough of it. It is truly amazing. I had seen people using Tibetan singing bowls and never realised how powerful they were until I watched your biosound videos and then went out and bought my own bowls.

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Jane – Herefordshire, UK

My dog Sheba and her brother King had been together since they were pups. After King died, Sheba refused to eat and spent days and nights whining and barking. I applied the chakra healing work to Sheba that I learned from your videos for anxiety and for grief and loss. Sheba is now back eating again and is back to her old self again..

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