I work as a full-time teacher. I have 3 young children. I didn’t feel I would have the time to do yet another course, especially online. My life is quite stressful, but seeing so many people around me becoming ill and stressed out, I decided to do the self healing online training course to help me with my own stress and constant aches and pains.

Even doing some of the simple exercises helped me to de-stress. It was the answer for me to slow down and adopt some sort of self healing or self help management program that I could do in the home, in the car and at work.

The self healing suggestions for aches and pains using the bio energy methods were simple but powerful that I started using them straight away. I enjoyed watching all the self healing lectures and guidelines in the course and felt that at last I was doing something just for me.

Eventually I made my way through them and began feeling so much more relaxed the more I used them. I was surprised at how something as simple as diaphramatic breathing could help me so quickly from being highly stressed to feeling quite calm and relaxed. I do this breathing exercise now several times each day to calm myself down and become more present and bring myself into the moment.

I also learned how to use sound healing instruments and even the sound of my own voice to de-stress. No more awfulizing for me, or racing ahead of myself. I found the dowsing quite interesting and it helped me discover foods that I needed to avoid. I can’t lie to myself any more about eating the foods I love that I may be sensitive to. The body doesn’t lie.

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Matilo - Miri, Malaysia

Thank you for your bio energy healing training course which I have now finished online. I was so pleased when I logged in and saw so many video lessons appear on my phone. The quality was great and so easy to follow and learn from the way the teachers presented each section.

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Jim - Wales, UK

One day I was searching the internet I found this website with an online self healing training course describing ways to use my own natural inner healing energy and sound vibrations. This course had so much self healing information using bio energy and sound healing techniques.

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