I would encourage anyone who is interested in the area of bio energy healing or vibrational medicine to enrol and take this excellent online energy healing training course. The introduction video lectures gave me a great insight into the history of energy healing and it was a surprise to me that energy healers have used this in different forms for thousands of years.

The basic principal of how bio energy healing actually works was always a mystery to me and the way the tutors explained how the body heals from the inside out and not from the outside in made perfect sense to me.

It takes a lot of the pressure of me as a therapist to know that I can only do my best during a healing session and provide the right environment for the client. How each person will react to bio energy therapy can vary from patient to patient.

It really impressed me that so much information and knowledge could be packed into one training course, including an elaborate section on dowsing. It provided me with everything I needed to learn about healing using natural energy techniques.

I appreciated how the course demonstrated ways to manipulate energy to help release muscle tension, also covering working on physical injuries plus video lectures and lessons for all the different health concerns. All of this was of enormous help to me.  I particularly appreciated the back-up service provided as promised during and following the course.

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Alice - Dublin, Ireland

This is a very professional online bio energy healing training course. It demonstrates so clearly how and why bio energy healing has the ability to help with so many health concerns. it confirmed for me the extraordinary natural healing power that exists in the human energy field.

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Monica – St Augustine, USA

I did my training in sound healing online and wondered how sound could possibly heal. After viewing the video lectures and reading an excellent article on your website on the importance of using empathy as a therapist as you apply the sound vibrations I could totally understand it.

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