This bio energy healing therapy course was the best course I have ever completed online. I would encourage anyone who is interested in the area of energy healing or alternative or complementary medicine to enrol and take this course.

It blew me away that so much could be packed into one course, including the elaborate section on dowsing and self dowsing. It provided me with everything I needed to learn about energy healing therapy. I particularly appreciated the tutor back-up service that was provided during and following the course.

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Annie - New York, Usa

I am a 70 year old grandmother, and when my grand-daughter was diagnosed with a serious heart condition I felt so helpless. I went online, discovered your website and enrolled for the self healing course for myself. After completing this course I realised I could really feel the benefit of the energy work I was doing

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Carmen - Texas, USA

I recently completed the animal energy healing course. I had been on the look-out for an online course that focused on energy healing techniques for pets. I have two German shepherds one male one female. Both dogs were very unsettled when we first got them as two years olds.

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