I have found the online energy healing training course to be so practical and easy to learn just by watching the many video lessons. I have been using these bio energy techniques with my children for anxiety, stress and specific injuries.

I come from a family of medics. My mother, father and other family members work in different areas of orthodox medicine. When I told them I was thinking of doing an online course in bio energy healing they were not impressed but didn’t disapprove either.

I started the course to help myself and hoped it would be beneficial for my children. I was amazed at how each child reacted differently to a bio energy healing session. My six year old son who is normally hyperactive slept throughout the session. My eight year old daughter asked a thousand questions. I was able to show her how to feel energy between her hands and she was really excited by this.

I have now set up my own bio energy healing practice here in Spain and have succeeded in building up a steady practice of regular clients for therapy. It is fantastic how many applications are shown on this course for a wide variety of health problems. Some of my patients attend for aches and pains or physical injuries. Other patients attend for emotional issues where my work is more focused on clearing and balancing chakras with the bio energy method for stress or anxiety.

Bio energy healing as a therapy is so powerful, versatile and effective but what most of my clients like most about it is that it is pain-free, non-invasive and there are no side effects. I would recommend this course to anyone for family use, personal or professional use.

More Testimonials

Anne – Hollyhead, Wales

Ten out of ten for a wonderful and exciting energy healing online training course. The case studies helped me to understand better where and when to apply energy healing for different health problems and when to use bio energy chakra clearing and balancing for emotional issues.

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Damien – Glasgow, Scotland

I am now a certified sound healer / therapist. It all started when I found your website and your sound healing training course website online. I wasn’t sure what I was looking for except that I was looking for something interesting that would involve sound or music which I love. 

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