I have found the energy healing course to be so practical and comprehensive, especially how easy it was to learn from watching the many video lessons. I have been using these bio-energy techniques with my children for anxiety, stress and specific injuries.

I have found the specific techniques for sinus problems to be very effective for myself. The whole section on dowsing I found to be really helpful, particularly the self dowsing for food sensitivities. I would recommend this course to anyone for family use, personal use or professional use.

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Jane – Herefordshire, UK

My dog Sheba and her brother King had been together since they were pups. After King died, Sheba refused to eat and spent days and nights whining and barking. I applied the chakra healing work to Sheba that I learned from your videos for anxiety and for grief and loss. Sheba is now back eating again and is back to her old self again..

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Anya - Belfast, N Ireland

I trained as a nurse back in the 70’s. I really never heard much about alternative medicine or I never felt the need to find out about it either. Over the last few years I had numerous losses and stresses in my life. My marriage broke up.  I lost my home. My children didn’t want to know me. I felt I had let everyone down including myself. I felt my purpose in life had ended.

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