Why Add Bio Energy Therapy To Your Reflexology Practice?

Why Add Bio Energy Therapy To Your Reflexology Practice?

Every living organism has the ability to heal itself. After any illness, sickness, disease, stress, or injury the body can be in a state of imbalance. The body’s vital energy pathways may become blocked thus preventing it from functioning at its optimum or healing naturally.

Reflexology is used to help restore and maintain the body's natural equilibrium, improve blood circulation and energy in the body by stimulating pressure points.

A case study: I work as a reflexologist and four years ago I was involved in a serious car accident. Following minor surgery for my ankle injury a colleague of mine offered a number of reflexology sessions to help my recovery. The work she did definitely helped me although I was still in shock and quite anxious.

She suggested some bio energy therapy which she said she sometimes incorporated with reflexology to help decrease the intensity of the trauma on all levels of the energy field so that it became a memory rather than a crippling emotion.

After two sessions of bio energy on my chakras, some energy flows on my ankle and overall energy balancing my body I began to feel lighter and also felt a lot less anxious. After a couple more sessions of the combination of the two therapies I felt a cloud had lifted from around me and my ankle had improved immensely.

The theory is that Reflexology works with the central nervous system. This theory builds on research done in the 1890s by Sir Henry Head and Sir Charles Sherrington, who began to show through their research that a neurological relationship exists between the skin and the internal organs, and that the whole nervous system responds to a stimulus.

The aim of Bio Energy is to work on the electro-magnetic energy field or life-force field of the body to stimulate and activate healthy cellular activity and assist the body’s natural inner healing process. The Bio Energy therapists work to clear any blockages in this energy field and also to clear and balance the major chakras of the body to help the person recover from anxiety, fears, shock or trauma resulting from accident or injury. Whilst individual therapies are unique in their ability to assist the person’s natural inner healing, there may be times when a combination of therapies can be of enormous benefit to a client.

When our energy is balanced, flowing freely and in synchronicity – we are healthy. However illness, sickness or disease can quickly set in when cells, organs and systems are operating out of sync and out of balance.

Ultimately what is most important is the health and well-being or our client or patient. Everyone has the ability to help another person to heal. The Bio Energy Online Healing Course teaches techniques that can be applied for many physical issues plus chakra clearing and balancing for emotional issues. It also teaches how to help boost the immune system and improve and maintain better health and overall well-being.
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Your most asked question
Can you use energy healing with other therapies?

Energy Healing Therapy can be added and integrated with all body centered therapies such as Reflexology, Amatsu, Massage, Physiotherapy, Pyschotherapy, Yoga, Acupuncture, Acupressure, and Chiropractor Care, to help balance the body’s energy field.