The Benefit of Combining Bio Energy Healing Therapy with Massage

The Benefit of Combining Bio Energy Healing Therapy with Massage

I trained in many types of massage over thirty years ago. These included holistic therapeutic massage and deep tissue massage. The basic principal of how massage works is that it helps ease, relax and tease out tense, restricted or contracted muscles.

At times massage may be applied for general relaxation depending on the severity of the muscular or health problem. The intensity of the massage required can vary from client to client and the quality and benefit of the massage for the person can vary from therapist to therapist.

For me personally I would have played quite a bit of intense sport over a long number of years and had experience of receiving massage treatment many times, but I found some types of massage especially deep tissue massage nearly unbearable particularly on my legs and calf muscles. It was during one of these massage sessions that the therapist with my permission introduced bio energy therapy to my tight painful muscles. The relief was astonishing.

Based on the benefits I felt myself and the positive reports from other people who had received energy therapy, I decided to enrol for a course in bio energy healing which included chakra clearing and balancing.

The principal of bio energy therapy is to apply specific energy flows to areas of injury or pain in the physical body also to clear and balance the chakras. This in turn can help to decrease the intensity of shock or trauma associated with an accident or injury.

During a massage therapy session I was applying deep tissue massage to a person who had been involved in a major car crash. As I continued to work he was constantly tensing and tightening his overall body. He said he was fearful that I might massage or come into contact with the area of pain. I assured him that I did not intend to work on the specific injury.

I suggested that I apply bio energy therapy to help him relax prior to any further massage sessions. He was agreeable to this and on the next session when I combined bio energy therapy with the massage he completely relaxed for the duration of the session.

Also on his second visit with this man’s permission I applied chakra clearing to the base chakra to help reduce the level of shock and trauma he had experienced. I also applied specific bio energy flows to his overall back and spine and through the area of injury. To my amazement he slept on and off throughout the entire session.

He attended for two more sessions and afterwards said he never felt better. From that experience I continued combining energy therapy along with massage therapy.

I have also integrated bio energy therapy with craniosacral therapy and I found this very effective. Some of my colleagues use bio energy as a stand-alone therapy others combine bio energy therapy with counselling, yoga, physiotherapy, acupuncture, psychotherapy, and as part of their other body-centred therapies including massage, reflexology and amatsu with some amazing results.
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What is the benefit of Bio Energy Healing?

When we experience shock, trauma or injury, our body tightens and our muscles contract squeezing down on our blood supply and our life-force energy. The aim of Bio Energy Healing Therapy is to help decrease the intensity of the shock or trauma associated with an accident or injury.