The online animal bio energy healing training course provided an ideal platform for learning about energy fields in animals and how to clear and balance chakras for emotional issues. I had adopted a lovely female Akita called Lola from a rescue centre. She appeared happy at first but then she appeared to miss the company of other animals. She was continually breaking out of her recreation area.

A friend of mine suggested that she may be stressed and suffering from separation anxiety. I had completed your training course months beforehand and it showed how to help decrease a dog’s anxiety. I never really thought about animals having emotions or feelings like humans until I studied the lectures about animal energy fields and chakras and where they are located in a dog’s body.

After watching your chakra videos again I started to do some work on Lola. She loves attention so I had no bother letting her believe I was only stroking her and every now and then I would do some work on her chakras with particular focus on the heart chakra for loss and the solar plexus for her anxiety.

After a few bio energy sessions Lola settled down and her personality seemed to change for the best. She is completely settled now enjoys her walks and absolutely loves chasing and playing with a ball. I’m pleased to say that the animal bio energy therapy worked really well and I’m so glad I had already completed this course.

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Monica – St Augustine, USA

I did my training in sound healing online and wondered how sound could possibly heal. After viewing the video lectures and reading an excellent article on your website on the importance of using empathy as a therapist as you apply the sound vibrations I could totally understand it.

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Jakai – South Africa

I have recently finished studying your online bio energy healing training course. I have been doing therapy using distant healing methods to help my mother many miles away. It was so easy to learn by just viewing each of the videos one by one and copying everything I could see. 

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