I have the highest praise for the team behind the online energy healing training course. It was easy to follow and understand as I worked my way through the many lectures and lessons. Everything was laid out in a simple understandable sequence.

I have worked for many years as a holistic therapist. I have a number of qualifications including psychotherapy, counselling, massage and crystal healing therapy. Although I have my steady stream of regular clients I have always been tempted to take a look at bio energy healing as a therapy to add to my practice.

Some years ago I was involved in a car accident and received some minor injuries. Following this accident I attended a friend of mine who is a bio energy healing therapist. I was suffering from shock and trauma in addition to the physical injuries.

Over a number of healing sessions I noticed that I was making a good recovery from my injuries and that mentally and emotionally the shock and trauma around the incident was also decreasing. The therapist explained to me that  bio energy therapy was helping to get the life force energy back flowing in my energy field, and that for the emotional issues she had been working also clearing and balancing my chakras.

The therapist further explained that applying bio energy to clear and balance the chakras would help to decrease the intensity of the shock and trauma so it became more of a memory rather than a crippling emotion. I could certainly feel the improvements and after about five bio energy healing sessions I felt so good that I promised myself that I would learn more about this energy healing therapy.

Learning how to balance chakras showed me how to balance the emotions that can affect on us all at some time. This was absolutely fascinating. I was still confused about where and when to apply the many hand healing movements and methods until I had read all the case studies. These were an enormous help to clarify this for me.

I could see straight away the connection between a particular physical health problem and what I could do for the person using bio energy therapy. I could also see if they had an emotional problem how this was when I would work on the individual chakras. Nine months on and I have added this amazing energy healing modality to my current practice and now apply it on a regular basis for aches and pains or for emotional issues. Best wishes to your great teachers.

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Jack, Belfast, NI

I had the opportunity to do the sound healing training course online when I was confined to my bed after hurting my back. I learned about creating sound vibrations with empathy for healing during therapy. I understood all about sound but not how sound healing really worked until now.

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Shirley – Edinborough, UK

I was very impressed with this online training course in bio energy healing. I look forward to a career in alternative medicine therapy for injuries, stress and anxiety. Once I got started I couldn’t get enough of it and wanted to learn more and more from the excellent video lectures. 

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