My grandmother had old cures and I always believed you had to be a born healer or have a special gift in order to heal another person. However in the back of my mind I felt drawn to the whole area of holistic or alternative healing of some kind. Following a major fall in my home which limited my ability to walk or stand for long periods of time I didn’t know what to do with myself. I was aware that attending a live training workshop of any kind was out of the question for the time being.

I felt I needed a career change and was scrolling through the internet for an online training course and found yours. The more I read through the website and viewed the introduction videos the more I was convinced that the online bio energy healing training course was the one for me. At last I had found what I was looking for.

I compared this website with others but kept coming back to this as it explained everything about your courses in so much specific detail. It was clear what was included and when I read through the course content I registered straight away. I dedicated time each day to study. I completed the training course and four weeks later I received my certified diploma.

Watching the training videos was like attending a one to one live workshop. When I learned and understood the techniques and how to apply them I started practicing immediately. I learned so much from each case study on the course as I could see what type of health issues clients can sometimes attend for and the best ways to apply each of the techniques to help them for healing.

When my physical health improves a little more I intend to set up my own holistic therapy business in bio energy healing and start work as an bio energy therapist. I enjoyed the additional section on dowsing which was amazing. I have been spreading the word to my friends about it. It was easy to follow and the video lectures were very professional and informative. It was great to get so much content in one training course with every bio energy healing lecture set out in easy to follow stages. Thank you so much for a wonderful and informative course.

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Kristin - Birmingham, UK

I am so thankful to you for this online self healing training course. I was out of work through illness and physically, emotionally and mentally I was at a very low place in my life. Watching the training videos I realised I was in control of my own life and my own outcomes.

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Susanne – Cornwall, UK

This online bio energy healing training course suited me perfectly. The way the course was presented on tutored lectures made it easy to follow. To learn I set up my laptop beside a therapy table and watched each lecture one after the other on video just copying what I saw.

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