This online training course in bio energy healing could not be faulted. I enjoyed every minute of it mainly because it was presented so professionally especially with all the wonderful practical video lessons and tutored lectures. It made learning this therapy look so easy.

I had procrastinated for a long time as I thought that a practical course like bio energy therapy might not be possible to learn on an online course, but this course proved me wrong. I have been qualified in bio energy healing for over a year now and have built up a very successful business with regular clientele.

Due to the covid19 pandemic and the subsequent lockdown many people could not travel for therapy. When this outbreak occurred I reverted to using the distant healing bio energy method so well demonstrated in your course. They say that every challenge creates opportunity and so I began offering distant healing bio energy to help family and friends.

At a later stage I contacted my patients and clients and offered distant healing therapy to them as an alternative to travelling and attending for one to one therapy. They were quite surprised and apprehensive at first although many of them had heard about distant healing they weren’t sure if it could really work. In the beginning I would have doubted myself how applying bio energy healing at a distance could work, but the feedback I received was truly amazing.

It was great to be able to offer this service at a distance to those in need of help and healing. There appears to be no limits to what bio energy healing can do and all you need is your two hands. I am looking forwards to the future and to what I can do to help others.

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Kevin - Durham, England

I have been feeling stressed for years. I completed the self healing plus the sound healing courses online and purchased my first set of tuning forks plus two Tibetan singing bowls after I attended for therapy with a practitioner who had trained in bio energy and sound therapy.

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Jakai – South Africa

I have recently finished studying your online bio energy healing training course. I have been doing therapy using distant healing methods to help my mother many miles away. It was so easy to learn by just viewing each of the videos one by one and copying everything I could see. 

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