I have been very busy and stressed in my work. I was very fearful of making a decision on a change of career. I had been feeling very nauseous after eating and I couldn’t quite pinpoint what foods I could be sensitive to if any. My doctor said it could be stress related. I felt like a gerbil on a wheel and I couldn’t get off the wheel. Quite by accident I discovered this self-healing course. I would be of the belief that if the doctor cannot sort out your problems – what hope have you of doing it yourself?

When I started the self-healing course I could immediately see how I could help myself; I learned the self dowsing techniques. Using this I could ascertain the answers to my many questions amongst other things to see what foods I may have a sensitivity to.

I eliminated all the foods I appeared to be sensitive to, and like magic – I had no more nausea. I learned how to decrease the level of fear I was experiencing by chakra clearing my own chakras. I played the CD Audio file song: “Fear won’t control me”. Hey presto – my fear level started to decrease to a level where I was experiencing less and less intensity of fear.

I learned ‘diaphramatic breathing techniques which immediately started to decrease my stress levels and help me stay in the present moment. Instead of the experience of thoughts going round and around in my mind all the time, I now feel I am ready for any challenges that life has to offer me. Thank you so much for creating this very helpful self-healing course.

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Annie - New York, Usa

I am a 70 year old grandmother, and when my grand-daughter was diagnosed with a serious heart condition I felt so helpless. I went online, discovered your website and enrolled for the self healing course for myself. After completing this course I realised I could really feel the benefit of the energy work I was doing

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Eithne - Huddersfield, UK

I completed the diploma course in bio-energy healing mainly for use with family and friends. I followed the video lessons throughout the course step by step. Months later I began to see the real benefits of the course for both myself and my mother who was suffering with Alzeimers in a nursing home.With each visit her face would light up

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