For a long time I have been studying sound healing on the internet and comparing different sound healing workshops. It was difficult to see a sound healing course that stood out from the rest until I stumbled upon your online sound healing course.

Up to now I had never attempted an online course because I would have thought that a practical course like sound healing could not be learned or taught online. I completed the course and I have to say it was one of the easiest and most enjoyable learning experiences I have ever had. Your background staff must have spent many years developing this as it looks on a par with some of the top university college courses that I see advertised and marketed online.

What struck me straight away was the amount of information that was shared in the many practical sound healing lessons and lectures. It was very easy to follow the course as it went through the basics of sound and moved on to the techniques and learning how sound healing instruments can actually be applied for healing various health concerns. 

I was thrilled that it went into great detail demonstrating each instrument like the Tibetan singing bowls and all the various types and sizes and different ways to use them for sound therapy. The section on gongs was amazing. I loved the very large Chinese gong and how it was used in a therapy situation and with a sound bath group healing workshop, most interesting indeed.

I was particularly drawn to the sections on tuning forks and I learned so much from this. I have had a set of tuning forks for years just sitting on a shelf and at last I have learned all the different ways they can be used in a therapy environment. Now that I have finished I am really looking forward to becoming my own boss and setting up my own business as a sound healer.

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Anne – Hollyhead, Wales

Ten out of ten for a wonderful and exciting energy healing online training course. The case studies helped me to understand better where and when to apply energy healing for different health problems and when to use bio energy chakra clearing and balancing for emotional issues.

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Michael - Florida, USA

Last year I completed the self healing training course online and found it to be most empowering. It helped me with my stress and anxiety and other health issues using bio energy techniques, sound healing, chakra clearing and balancing plus diaphramatic breathing techniques.

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