I once thought a training course was all about quantity. Now I realise it really is about quality as well. I have completed the online animal bio energy healing course over the last two months and quality is the word that sticks mostly in my mind. Every section of the course was most interesting and informative watching the various healing methods being applied to each animal.

Simply following the videos couldn’t have been easier. I was fascinated by the section on distant healing. This was all new to me and I watched it over and over again trying to figure it out. At last it became clear that when you use a sample of hair or a photograph of the animal to work on, in a way you are working on that animal’s bio energy field connected to their sample or photograph.

I was still very sceptical until I tried some distant healing therapy with a friend’s dog many miles away and after three therapy sessions their dog showed noticeable improvements. This is so amazing and I’m thrilled that I can do this now.

This course is the answer to so many questions I needed to have answers to regarding alternative and complementary healing for animals. It’s just astonishing how the animals respond so quickly to bio energy therapy. It’s like they know instinctively at some level that it is natural and gives their whole body an energy boost.

I learned so much about energy healing in general for injuries plus chakra balancing for emotional problems from this training course. I have applied this animal energy healing method to my own two dogs and a cat. I am now doing bio energy healing therapy on my friend’s cats and dogs and for other animals in our neighbourhood as word of mouth has been spreading around our area. Thank you so much for this great gift of animal energy healing which I now share with my pets.

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Annette – Orihuela, Spain

The online energy healing training course is so easy to learn by watching many healing video lectures for aches and pains or chakra clearing for stress or anxiety. I come from a family of medics but I have been using bio energy healing therapy for my children for a long time. 

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Abdul - India

I come from an area in India where there is very little money and I could barely afford the bio energy healing course.  After reading online what was included in your course I felt I might be able to help other people with energy healing who cannot afford expensive medicine or therapy.

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