I work at a stables where we train race horses and have been employed there most of my life. Our horses have always treated with love and care and with great respect at our stables. However any time any horse had an injury or was sick or suffered any illness the first person we would call was the veterinary surgeon. Usually he would provide medication or an injection of some kind and in most cases the animal would recover some time later.

Sometimes the vet would be unsure of what the problem might be and having tried and tested everything else he would change his tactics to a form of bio energy healing therapy and amazingly the animal would recover. I was so fascinated by this that one day I questioned him about what he was actually doing and he explained that it was an old method of healing called energy healing therapy.

I looked this up some months ago and found your online bio energy healing course for animals. I recently completed this course and it opened up a whole new world for me. I have been using energy therapy with our horses and my veterinary friend even gave me some tips and advice for dealing with certain health issues particularly ones related to emotional issues such as nervousness, fears and anxiety. I was delighted to see how energy healing therapy could be applied to different animals. I also loved the bit on dowsing for food sensitivities in animals. I have two Great Dane dogs. One of them has arthritis in his hips.

The section on dowsing for food sensitivity was excellent. I dowsed to see if any of his food was unsuitable for him. I was amazed to find he refused to eat the food that I found he was sensitive to. He loves the bio energy healing when applied to his back and hips. I am looking forward to doing much more therapy with horses and other animals from now on. Thank you all for a great and informative course plus all your back-up. 

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Geraldine – Middlesex, UK

I recently finished the online training course in energy healing. I was amazed learning psychokinesis and about the life-force energy field and chakras. I have trained in many areas of alternative and complementary medicine such as massage, reflexology and acupuncture.

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Grainne - Kerry, Ireland

This has been a terrific animal energy healing course. I have always had a love of animals and I have four dogs and six cats in my home where I live here in Ireland. I’m very grateful for this online training course which enabled me to do healing therapy on my own animals.

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