I have completed both the bio energy training course and the sound healing course and these two courses really complement each other. The videos were so informative and well structured that I had no problem studying and learning both courses.

They were both practical and easy to follow.  I have heard others talk about this unique integration of two powerful modalities during a therapy session and had experienced this oce myself.

At first I was a little apprehensive about studying something online which I did not fully understand. I had an interest in bio energy healing from my time living in Australia, and that's when I made the decision complete these two courses online.

Since our family recently moved back to the UK I have now opened up my own holistic centre and this is going very well for me. I now use sound healing instruments which I have integrated and combined along with bio energy healing and my patients absolutely love the new combinations.

I usually begin the therapy session with bio energy healing to work on the emotional body and then the second half of the session I use all sound healing instruments like Tibetan singing bowls and crystal quartz bowls and always finish the session with a gong bath as I learned on the online course.  My clients see this as a special treat to complete each therapy session.

More Testimonials

Jason - Galway, Ireland

Suddenly I came across this self healing training course I could do online. I couldn’t believe it at first that I could actually initiate a healing process in my own body by using my own natural energy. I had believed if you get sick in any way, you go to your doctor and he would cure you.  

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Una - Bedford, England

I suffered with anxiety, panic attacks and depression and attended for bio energy healing therapy. It changed my life by decreasing the intensity of traumatic events which had affected me emotionally. I have learned that I can accept myself and that is a massive achievement.

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