work as a full-time musician and suffer on and off with back problems. I understood the meaning of sound but not how sound healing works. I completed the sound healing course mostly for my own personal use.

The self dowsing has helped me so much to identify the foods that trigger some of my aches and pains. I was surprised at the amount of information you provided in the demonstration videos. This has been a new lease of life for me. I also apply sound healing techniques to myself to help ease my pains and to de-stress. Thank you all very much.

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Michael - Florida, USA

I have completed the self healing course online which I have found to be very powerful and empowering. I am applying the sound healing and bio-energy techniques for my own personal health issues. I didn’t really know how to address the level of stress in my life until I did this course. I appreciate all the support you provided me with

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Jim - Wales, UK

Following a major accident I found my life was in tatters physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. I knew God had some purpose for me on this earth, but he was slow in showing me what I was meant to do. One day I got a sign – as I searched the web I found your website healing courses online.. That has changed my life forever.

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