I worked as a part-time musician and part-time carpenter. I understood the meaning of sound but not how sound healing works. I had the opportunity to do the sound healing training course online when I was confined to my bed for almost a week after hurting my back. Searching the net I discovered this healing course and decided to register and do it mainly for my interest in sound and music and for my own personal use.

Being a musician had its own benefits but I realised shortly into the training that sound healing was not about understanding music and frequencies but rather how to use instruments such as Tibetan singing bowls, gongs and tuning forks to create sound vibrations for the purpose of healing.

This set me off on a new path of learning as I could see the possibilities of creating a new career in the area of health as a certified sound healer. It was most interesting to learn how to use sound healing instruments for healing and especially how to apply them with empathy and feeling for a much more beneficial effect for the patient. This made sense to me as I would have been sceptical about how a Tibetan singing bowl on its own could possibly heal.

I could grasp this with perfect understanding and within three months I was up and running doing therapy from my own home. Now I use several different types of Tibetan singing bowls along with a range of tuning forks and some crystal quartz bowls during a therapy session and I am always amazed by the results.

I now also use these sound healing instruments for my own personal use for self healing to help ease my aches, pains and to de-stress. Thank you and bless you for this great healing gift. This has given me a new lease of life plus set me up with a new career.

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Mairead – Colchester, UK

I completed the animal energy healing course over the last two months and quality is the word that sticks mostly in my mind.  This online training course provided me with the answers to so many questions I had regarding alternative and complementary healing for animals.

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Marcey – Malaga, Spain

The online animal bio energy healing training course provided an ideal platform for learning about energy fields in animals and how to clear and balance chakras for emotional issues. My dog kept breaking out of her recreation area and a friend had suggested that she may be stressed.

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