I have done the certified diploma course online in bio energy healing therapy mainly for use with family and friends. I followed the video lectures throughout the course step by step. Months later I began to see the real benefits of the course for both myself and my mother who was suffering with Alzeimers in a nursing home.

With each visit my mother’s face would light up as soon as I would visit her. I would apply some bio energy healing treatment and chakra clearing and balancing. It was a great feeling to be able to help her. One of the techniques shown on the bio energy course videos is a special protocol for the eyes.

My mother had deteriorating eyesight and had difficulty watching television. She loved watching sports programs. I would regularly apply bio energy healing to her eyes and amazingly her eyesight would improve after about a half an hour of this therapy. That in itself was very rewarding for me to experience and of course had the obvious benefit for my mother.

When my mother passed on I felt a great loss and I had a lot of extra time on my hands. I felt a little depressed and seemed to have lost my sense of purpose. One day my husband reminded me that we had a big empty shed at the end of our garden. He suggested that he would tidy it up and turn it into a therapy room for me. This was the start of a new life changing time for me.

I now have regular clients attending for therapy and I do distant healing applying the bio energy healing methods whenever my clients are unable to attend. I thank the heavens each day that I can fulfil a lifetime purpose which is to help heal myself and help others to heal. A sincere thank you.

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Nuala - Los Angeles, USA

I learned the online self healing course first because I felt I needed healing for myself and later I completed the diploma course in bio energy. I have been my husband’s carer for many years after he had a stroke. I have learned about healing in natural ways instead of relying on medication.

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Geramy – Ohio, USA

This online training course in energy healing could not be faulted. It was presented so professionally with practical video lessons and tutored lectures. I procrastinated for a long time but eventually realised that a practical course like bio energy therapy was possible to learn online.

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