I loved every aspect of your sound healing online training course. I have always had an interest in sound and music and I’ve always wanted to be a sound healer, but you’ve got to hear sound and feel the vibrations to really value and appreciate it.

Presenting the course with lectures and lessons on video made it so easy to learn and watching how tuning forks, Tibetan singing bowls and a gong bath were used was like being in a live training course workshop. It was a great learning experience seeing everythng demonstrated so clearly at close quarters.

When I told my wife I was intending to do a sound healing training course she was dismayed. She said our house was too small, you’ll waken the children, the neighbours will be complaining and your friends will think you’re mad. Eventually she relented and before she changed her mind, I enrolled for the online sound healing course.

This is the first time I’ve seen bio energy healing being applied in conjunction with sound. It is certainly a powerful combination of two distinct types of therapy.

When I used bio energy healing for clearing chakras during a therapy session prior to using the sound healing instruments I was surprised at the reaction from my patients. They said it was like a dark cloud lifted from around their body. I always work with empathy during any session but it was still humbling to receive such positive feedback and I can kind of understand what they were saying.

I’m glad I followed my gut feeling which has led me down this path to where I am now a certified sound healing therapist and received my accredited diploma.  I’m grateful to your tutors for their help and assistance during my training course.

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Mairead – Colchester, UK

I completed the animal energy healing course over the last two months and quality is the word that sticks mostly in my mind.  This online training course provided me with the answers to so many questions I had regarding alternative and complementary healing for animals.

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Anya - Belfast, N Ireland

After the bio energy healing therapy I knew I felt different. I wanted to learn more and that was when I decided to register and complete your online bio energy training course. I trained as a nurse back in the 70’s. I really never heard much about alternative medicine in those days.  

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