I can’t remember a day of being ill or unwell. I worked on a farm all my life. I felt I was very fit and healthy and could eat anything I liked and enjoyed a few beers at the weekend. I loved my cakes, buns and chocolate. I had a bad fall approximately 2 years ago and injured my back. I was out of work for almost 6 months. I started to feel very depressed and frustrated so during my recovery time I drank more.

I eat more and put on about two stone in weight. During one of my brief check-ups with my doctor he discovered I had diabetes. This was a massive shock to me, as my father had diabetes which lead to gangrene and eventually he had to have his leg amputated.

I thought “how could this happen to me, after all I was so fit and felt so well up until now”? The more anxious and fearful I got with this devastating news the more I eat and drank. I knew I was being irresponsible with my lack of exercise and my drinking habits, but I felt life was so unfair to me. I thought at some level that if I’d take my medication I could ignore it all and it would go away. However – it didn’t go away.

I woke up one morning with a pain in my big toe on my right foot, which I ignored for some time. The pain became worse and worse and so I went back to visit my doctor. The doctor told me I needed to go and see a specialist who informed me that I had gangrene in my right foot and toes. The gangrene became progressively worse over the next few months. I was absolutely devastated. I couldn’t wear my ordinary shoes. I couldn’t sleep or walk at times with the pain.

The gangrene had also spread to my heel. It was suggested by the medical personnel that I could eventually need to have my right leg amputated from below the knee. At this stage I really felt like giving up on life. One day I was passing a shop in town when I saw an advertisement for an afternoon of sound healing. I decided to enrol for this sound healing course, which at first I thought was about learning to play a musical instrument.

The sound healing afternoon was nothing like I had imagined. There were about 20 people of all ages using all sorts of gadgets and strange instruments which I was told were used for sound healing therapy. This sound healing idea was all new to me. There were Tibetan bowls, gongs, chimes, tuning forks and other instruments including drums, and they were creating the most beautiful sounds I had ever heard.

I at first felt a bit lost amongst this group until one person asked if I would like to experience how sound healing therapy works. I reluctantly agreed and I must say I was absolutely amazed. This man held a big Tibetan bowl in one hand and hit it with this beater and then held it close to my sore foot. Within seconds I could feel a tingling sensation all through my foot. I felt no pain – just a very strong tingling sensation.

He explained how the aim of sound healing therapy was to activate healthy cellular activity in any area of the body that may be damaged by injury, trauma, sickness or disease. I really hoped that this could be true and it gave me a bit of hope. I looked up places that did sound healing therapy. Just my luck I found a sound healing centre would you believe which was run by one of the people who had arranged the sound healing afternoon. It was quite a distance away from my home but I was prepared to try anything at this stage that might give me a chance of saving my leg or at the very least easing the terrible pain I was experiencing.

I booked in for a number of sound healing sessions starting in two days time. The sound practitioner explained that progress was likely to be slow as the gangrene was well advanced and was now in 3 of my toes and also in my heel. I started my sound healing therapy as planned two days later. This was an eye opening experience for me.

The therapist started the session with what he called bio energy which he explained was to help direct flows of energy throughout my body to assist the natural flow of life force energy and then spent some time focusing on directing this energy through my right foot.

He explained that this bio energy could also help to bring down levels of stress and anxiety. He went on to say that he worked also on the pancreas in this particular case which was in the area of the solar plexus; the centre for anxiety, anger and fear.

He then started sound healing using a Tibetan singing bowl over and back around my right foot. Again I could feel the tingling sensations in my foot which I had experienced two days earlier in the sound healing workshop. I was absolutely amazed that this bowl was creating healing sounds that were passing right through my foot. It was not an uncomfortable feeling but I felt instinctively that my body was reacting in some way to the sound healing vibrations.

He continued for another 30 minutes tapping this singing bowl and holding it at every conceivable angle and position around my sore foot. I attended a couple of days later for more of this sound healing therapy. I was starting to really believe that strange as it appeared to be the sound vibrations created by this bowl were indeed having some effect not just on my foot but it seemed to be helping my overall circulation. Three days later I attended again for sound therapy and this time the therapist spent an even longer time working on my foot and using a combination of different sound healing bowls and also tuning forks.

It was also pointed out to me that I should continue with and adhere to all medical recommendations regarding my diet and medical treatment. This I did and I also continued to attend regularly for the sound healing therapy sessions. One day I was trying to put my sandal on and I banged my big toe on the side of the chair. I noticed a drop of blood appearing from the side of my big toe. I thought to myself the blood supply must be coming back into my leg and foot and toes. This was good news. This was what I needed to see, because I had been told that it was a lack of proper blood circulation that was causing the problem in my right foot and leg in the first place.

I continued to attend for sound healing therapy and bio energy for almost 6 months. It was a painful experience at times but somewhere inside of me I knew this therapy was working for me. What I had gone through during the sound healing therapy was all worthwhile when I attended the hospital again and met with the specialist for my next check-up. I was told that I would not need to have my leg amputated. My foot and heel had improved so much that a minor operation to remove part of two toes is all that would be required.

Following the minor operation I was back walking and working again within a few months. This experience brought sound healing as a method of self healing to my notice and that is why I decided to buy the bio sound healing online course. I know this seemed to be a longwinded story about how I discovered the idea of using sound for healing but I just wanted to share my story with you.

I now attend sound healing workshops on a regular basis. I have bought myself a Tibetan singing bowl and any time I feel any sense of discomfort anywhere in my body I apply my own sound healing therapy to myself and for me it really does work. I am so grateful, thank you all very much.

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