Kevin - Durham, England
I have been feeling stressed for years. As an electrician I would be on call almost 24/7 and between electrical breakdowns and staff shortages my home life was nonexistent. My wife of 30 years had enough of my lifestyle so she packed up and left me 12 months ago. This was a major shock for me as I believed I had been a good husband and father to our two children now grown up.

Following this break-up I started getting constant colds and flu’s which put added pressure on my businesses. My eating habits were irregular and not always healthy. Approximately 3 months ago I received devastating news on one of my regular health check-ups. My doctor found a small lump in the area of the prostate gland and he also discovered that my blood pressure was way above the normal level. I was sent to see a specialist and after numerous tests I was diagnosed with prostate cancer.

I felt gutted. It felt like my life was about to end. My wife was gone, my health was nearly gone. I had no particular beliefs in a God or anything else, but I started to pray to someone out there for help. I was regularly having treatment and medication for my cancer and my blood pressure. One day I was doing an electrical repair job in a small yoga studio, when I noticed a sign on the wall for Bio-energy therapy, sound healing and self healing therapy. I scribbled down the contact numbers and the website address. I then rang the people at this bio-energy website who directed me to a person who had trained with them who did bio-energy and sound therapy. Even though it was quite a distance from where I lived I booked in for 5 sessions of sound healing with bio-energy therapy. On day one I was instructed by the therapist that I should not discontinue with any of my prescribed medication or treatments that was recommended by the medical professionals. The therapist applied the first two sessions of bio-energy to help decrease my levels of fear and shock.

I felt really tired after these first two sessions, but I also felt lighter than I had felt in years. It was like a burden had been lifted from all over my body. When I told the therapist how I had aches and pains after the therapy she explained that this was a good sign as it was an indication that my muscles were trying to unwind and relax after years of been would up and uptight. She explained that muscles that were once the size of a football could be tightened and squeezed down to the size of a golf ball. I could understand this when she explained and demonstrated to me by squeezing her fist, how all the blood ceased to circulate and the skin went white and when she relaxed her fist all the blood rushed back into her hand. I thought to myself; all my organs, glands and cells must be starved of oxygen and a healthy blood supply by the way I had been driving and pressurising myself and everyone else as well. During the fourth session of sound healing and bio – energy the therapist applied sound therapy to the area of the prostate to help improve healthy levels of cellular activity in that area.

I felt subtle changes taking place in my overall body. When I attended my doctor for my next check-up I was told that my blood pressure was almost normal. I knew there were life-style changes I needed to make. I needed to take responsibility for my own health and behaviour. Being an electrician I was fascinated by the sound therapy as well as the energy therapy. Shortly after this I decided to take the next step and learn more about sound and energy therapy. I have now completed the bio- sound healing course online. I have purchased my first set of tuning forks. I play the song “I can do it” over and over again. I know and believe that with help I can heal this illness and be healthy again. My wife and children are back in my life again. I know that I can make small but effective changes in my life step by step. I can make these changes for me. I now apply sound healing therapy to my own body on a regular basis. At last I can do something that can help me to get well and stay well.

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