I completed the full Bio-Energy online course and was pleasantly surprised with the results I was getting when applying these energy healing techniques. I had never heard of geopathic stress until I studied your videos on dowsing.

I am amazed at how food sensitivities and geopathic stress can contribute so much to a person’s ill-health. I have also completed the sound healing course and I am integrating both modalities into my practice. For me the practical video demonstrations on both of these courses are invaluable as I have some reading difficulties. Thank you all so much.

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Jakai – South Africa

I am writing to tell you how delighted I am to have enrolled and completed your energy healing course. It was so easy to learn by just viewing each of the 90 videos one by one and copying everything I could see happening on the screen. It is such a great way to learn this subject. I took your advice about practising and I made up my own model

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Matilo - Miri, Malaysia

Thank you all at the bio-energy healing course for an amazing course. I could not believe it when I actually logged in to the course and was presented with 90 video lectures. Furthermore all videos were such high quality and well tutored that it was so easy to follow and learn from them. It was like going back to school

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