As a result of some traumas in my own life I searched on line and discovered this bio energy course which I must say I have found most beneficial. I was a bit bewildered by how it actually worked, but I still believed in it. The last thing I could have imagined is that one day I would train as an energy healing therapist.

The training was in easy uncomplicated and comprehensive video lessons. As for the dowsing section, I had always dabbled in a bit of dowsing and the training on dowsing was the missing link for me. I am now working as a full time Bio energy therapist and loving every minute of it.

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Suzanne, Inverness, Scotland

I am so glad that I did the self-healing online course. I am not used to doing anything like this on a computer but I got the hang of it straight away. Simply watching the videos made it so easy to follow that even with one viewing I was able to start straight away with my own self-healing. I suffer with pain in many parts of my body

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Deirdre – Birmingham, UK

I have completed many online training courses in the past, and I was so pleased when I saw that so much was shared without reservation on this energy healing course. I could not believe that so much could be packed into an online course. You covered everything that I needed to learn and now that I have my diploma I am ready to get up and running.

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