I recently completed the animal energy healing course. I had been on the look-out for an online course that focused on energy healing techniques for pets. I have two German shepherds one male one female.

Both dogs were very unsettled when we first got them as two years olds. Since applying some of the bio-energy chakra techniques I have noticed a marked improvement in their emotional health and well-being.

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Jennifer – Toronto, Canada

I recently purchased two small pups at 6 months old, a brother and a sister. They whined day and night. My neighbours were constantly complaining. Someone suggested they were suffering from separation anxiety and I should take them for animal bio energy.

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Annie - New York, Usa

I am a 70 year old grandmother, and when my grand-daughter was diagnosed with a serious heart condition I felt so helpless. I went online, discovered your website and enrolled for the self healing course for myself. After completing this course I realised I could really feel the benefit of the energy work I was doing

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