I completed the animal energy healing course online two years ago. I had searched for an e-learning training program of study because of my love of animals and I wanted to learn about animal energy healing at home without the time and expense of travelling to a weekend workshop.

I had recently acquired two German shepherds one male and one female. When I first brought them to my home both dogs were rescue dogs and were very malnourished and ill-treated prior to being rescued.

They were very nervous, fearful, traumatised and unsettled particularly the female. She would tremble when she was approached even for feeding. I decided not to apply bio energy healing directly to her because of her nervousness.

I remembered the distant healing therapy methods from the many practical videos I watched about how to reduce fear and shock by working on the animal’s chakras using bio energy. I decided to try this first and was surprised and delighted with the results.

I thought it was my imagination but other family members noticed a distinct change in her. I continued with the distant healing applying this method to both dogs until they had both settled.

I have noticed a marked improvement in their physical and emotional health and wellbeing. We now have two happy and friendly relaxed dogs. I would never have believed that this bio energy healing could be just as powerful from a distance, but it is. Carmen.

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Geraldine – Middlesex, UK

I recently finished the online training course in energy healing. I was amazed learning psychokinesis and about the life-force energy field and chakras. I have trained in many areas of alternative and complementary medicine such as massage, reflexology and acupuncture.

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Mary Louise, New Jersey USA

It was difficult to see a sound healing course that stood out from the rest until I stumbled upon your sound healing online training course. Up to now I thought that a practical course like sound healing could not be learned online. Now I’m setting up in business as a sound healer.

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