I am so privileged to have taken the online animal energy healing training course that you guys offer. I watched your videos on bio energy healing on a horse. I wanted to learn this therapy but didn’t think I would be technically able to do an online course especially on my phone, but in fact it was very easy to understand and a lot simpler than I first imagined.

I didn’t feel overwhelmed at the amount of video lectures. I studied them one at a time until I was clear on how to do the different moves. Shortly after I finished the course my own horse Galipoli received an injury whilst jumping. He got checked out by a veterinary nurse and appeared to be okay but was still lame.

I studied your videos carefully and applied the hands on bio energy healing methods on his left hip. I also used bio energy chakra balancing for shock and trauma. After a few therapy sessions he responded really well and was back running again. I’d recommend this course to anyone who has pets or any animals they would like to be able to help especially horses.

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Jack, Belfast, NI

I had the opportunity to do the sound healing training course online when I was confined to my bed after hurting my back. I learned about creating sound vibrations with empathy for healing during therapy. I understood all about sound but not how sound healing really worked until now.

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Jonathan – Liverpool, UK

I work at a stables where we train race horses and occasionally an animal might become ill. At times when the veterinary surgeon had tried and tested everything else he would change his tactics to a form of bio energy therapy and amazingly the animal would improve.

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