I have a lovely female cocker spaniel called molly who loves to climb up on the back of my sofa. Two weeks ago she fell backwards onto the ground and she couldn’t move her two back legs. I live about forty miles from the nearest veterinary practitioner.

Luckily I had finished the animal energy healing training course a month before online and the lectures and therapy information about bio energy healing on a dog was still fresh in my mind. Whilst Molly was on the ground I applied the chakra protocols for emotional shock and trauma.

The dog’s level of fear decreased as I continued to apply the bio energy work to her root chakra. I applied energy healing techniques to her lower back, spine and back legs. Bit by bit she gradually stood up and started to move slowly.

I wrapped her up, made her comfortable and viewed the videos from the animal training course on my laptop once again to make sure I had applied the techniques as directed. I followed the video lectures and guidelines and applied the appropriate bio energy healing techniques and about two hours later Molly was back to her old self again. I am so grateful to you for sharing this amazing animal healing knowledge. Many thanks for a wonderful course.

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Shirley – Edinborough, UK

I was very impressed with this online training course in bio energy healing. I look forward to a career in alternative medicine therapy for injuries, stress and anxiety. Once I got started I couldn’t get enough of it and wanted to learn more and more from the excellent video lectures. 

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John – Texas, USA

Since completing the online animal bio energy healing training course I have a new sense of purpose. It was so easy to just click on a video for any of the techniques and watch  them. My eyes welled with tears of joy when I held my certified certificate in my hands for the first time.  

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