I was very impressed with this online training course in bio energy healing. Once I got started I couldn’t get enough of it and wanted to watch and learn more and more of the video lectures. I got through it so fast I surprised myself.

I know I had a year to get through it but it was so exciting learning how and why healing takes place in the body. I had always wanted to understand more about bio energy therapy and you made it look so simple. It was very easy to follow. I always had an interest in health and wellbeing especially alternative medicine, but I never knew how to get started or even consider it as a career.

I have now studied all the video lectures in depth and I know I am well capable of having a future in bio energy healing therapy as a career for myself and my family and friends. When I found your course I just knew that this was the way forward for me.

I was amazed how dowsing worked and that I could learn how to dowse. I thought that this was a special gift that only some people had. This has given me so much more insight into my own capabilities. I am now looking forward to a new career in the area of health and wellbeing. Thanks for all your advice and continuing support.

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Marcey – Malaga, Spain

The online animal bio energy healing training course provided an ideal platform for learning about energy fields in animals and how to clear and balance chakras for emotional issues. My dog kept breaking out of her recreation area and a friend had suggested that she may be stressed.

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Padraig - Dublin, Ireland

I decided that if I was going to work as a healing therapist I would like to train in many different  therapies. That was why I went for the bundle. I knew I would love both the bio energy and the sound healing courses. They were easy to understand and learn by following the video lessons. 

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