Since completing my online energy healing training course online, I have now started my own energy healing business. It was slow in the beginning as I was only operating part time, but since I progressed into it full time my business has been going from strength to strength.

I had been at a crossroads in my life and was stuck. I didn’t know what to do with myself as far as a career was concerned. I had been made redundant from the job I worked in for over thirty years. My wife said I was driving her mad, standing in the way every time she turned around anywhere in our house. My children were even encouraging me to try and get another job, but I wasn’t sure what else I was capable of working at.

To avoid boredom I had been cutting the lawn so often it was nearly bald. I read an article in a newspaper about a woman who had gangrene and how bio energy therapy helped save her from a possible amputation of her leg. This story stuck in the back of my mind until one day on my computer I began reading all about bio energy healing therapy on your website.

The more I read the more I became interested in this and something was urging me to find out more. I got in touch with one of the support team and decided to enrol in the bio energy healing course online. I have never looked back since. I completed the course and after receiving my certified diploma I practiced with family and friends for a few months until my confidence grew. I was encouraged by the positive results and the feedback that I received and I decided to set up a professional practice as an bio energy healing therapist / energy healer.

My business continues to expand as word spreads more and more. At last I am my own boss, I am self employed and my future is in my own hands. I really appreciate the support you provided in answering all my questions and queries during the training course.

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Anya - Belfast, N Ireland

After the bio energy healing therapy I knew I felt different. I wanted to learn more and that was when I decided to register and complete your online bio energy training course. I trained as a nurse back in the 70’s. I really never heard much about alternative medicine in those days.  

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Rayyan - Malaysia

This was an excellent online bio energy healing training course. I learned so much from it I didn’t understand beforehand. It was really well structured especially the way it explained how to feel and sense the power of energy in my own hands and energy in another person’s body. 

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