I recently finished the online training course in bio energy healing. I was amazed and excited watching the vast number of practical training lessons on your videos. I was initially hesitant about trying out a new therapy method. I have trained in many areas of alternative and complementary medicine such as massage, reflexology and acupuncture. These were all tangible hands-on therapies.

I had heard many reports and read many articles on bio energy healing but I just couldn’t imagine how it could be taught or even learned as an online course. However I persevered and studied each element of the course video by video.

I studied the introduction video lecture on how to feel and sense life-force energy between my two hands. This was a new and exciting discovery for me. Once I could feel the energy in my hands I was happy to proceed because I now understood about the life-force energy field, chakras, the aura and about the essence of what bio energy therapy was all about and how it could work.

I still had slight reservations as I worked my way through your course until I studied and learned how psychokinesis worked. The psychokinesis really impressed me and how just by using my hands and my life-force energy field I could influence and move another person’s body several feet away. That was what fully convinced me about the limitless power of bio energy healing. It was this demonstration that also indicated how distant healing could work on a person so far away even in another country.

It took me a while getting psychokinesis to work but when it did work that was the turning point for me. After that I had the confidence and belief in myself that I needed to progress and complete the course and my training as an energy healing therapist. I now have set up my own healing centre and thankfully I’ve been very busy. I really appreciate your kind support and encouragement throughout the learning process.

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Susanne – Cornwall, UK

This online bio energy healing training course suited me perfectly. The way the course was presented on tutored lectures made it easy to follow. To learn I set up my laptop beside a therapy table and watched each lecture one after the other on video just copying what I saw.

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Stephen – Devon, UK

Your online sound healing training course opened up a future career for me. I bought Tibetan singing bowls, gongs, tuning forks, crystal quartz bowls plus other sound healing instruments. Since I started using them for my own self healing, my aches and pains have greatly diminished.

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