I am 64 years of age and I am a brick layer. I was always fit and healthy and enjoyed life. I worked in the building trade, smoked about 10 fags a day and I had a few pints of beer at the weekend. I was married with 4 grown up children. All was well until about 4 years ago when I got chest pains at work. I ignored them at first but they got worse and I ended up in hospital with a massive heart attack.

They put in a few stints and this seemed to work for me. I tried to cut down on my smoking and drinking and eating unhealthy foods. I was doing quite well until 2 years ago when my wife died suddenly of a stroke. I became a bit obsessed about my health. Some days I would feel positive and my ‘get up and go’ was great.

On other days I would feel down and hopeless about myself and everything I was doing. Two months ago while working on a roof I slipped and fell to the ground. The roof wasn’t very high and I landed on my feet. I pulled a muscle in the calf of my right leg but my back was in agony. I had numerous tests and x-rays but the results showed I had no broken bones, just muscle damage.

The pain when I lay down at night could be excruciating. I took pain killers to help with the pain. They helped a little but I was finding it difficult to work during the day. My doctor suggested that I learn to de-stress and relax, go fishing or do some gentle swimming exercises. I just didn’t seem to have the will to do all these things on my own, the things that my wife and I used to enjoy doing together. At times I felt I hadn’t really dealt with the loss of my wife.

One day I felt so miserable I decided to see if I could do any more to improve my own health. I went on the internet to see what was out there to help with back pain. There were all sorts of potions and possible cures, but one thing caught my attention. There was a big long explanation about sound therapy and how it could work. It all sounded a bit off the wall, but because it was a different approach I decided I would give it a try. I decided to try it out. I contacted a sound healing therapist who booked me in for 5 sessions of sound therapy. This person also did bio-energy therapy and combined the two therapies.

The therapist explained to me how my muscles would have contracted and squeezed down at the time of my heart attack on all levels of my energy field. At the time of the sudden death of my wife, my muscles would have also contracted and squeezed down on all levels of my energy field and in the chakra related to shock, fear and trauma. With the fall from the roof even though it was not a major fall, the body would have tightened and prepared for the impact on hitting the ground.

As I was living in a constant state of fear and apprehension this was also affecting my muscles. The therapist decided to apply bio-energy to help to decrease the level, of shock and trauma in my energy field by applying bio-energy therapy that would help to relax me. She then applied sound therapy to all the areas of physical, damage in my body. This included my heart, the muscles in my back, and the muscles in the backs of my legs.

She said her aim was to activate and stimulate healthy physiological activity in any area of the body that had been damaged by accident, illness, disease or injury. She applied the sound healing using a big Tibetan bowl. I could feel the tingling sensations running up and down my back and spine. Everywhere she held the bowl I felt this tingling sensation. It felt like hundreds of small springs unwinding one after the other. The therapist explained that this was exactly what was happening in my body. The aim of this was to help healthy cells become activated and to help stimulate healthy blood cells in areas where there was damage or injury.

After the fourth session the therapist showed me how to do certain relaxation techniques that I could incorporate into my daily life. The therapy helped me to process the loss of my wife. I allowed myself to grieve this loss. I knew until I did this, I couldn’t move on with my life. There were happy memories and sad memories but I didn’t try to block them. I would take a deep breath and allow the feelings, whatever they may be, to come and go.

My overall body started to relax. My back felt good, the pain was practically gone. I felt the sound therapy was something I would be able to apply myself so I treated myself to a small Tibetan bowl. I have since completed an online sound healing course, learning all that I could about sound healing, how it works and why it works and most importantly how I can use this for myself.

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