I have been my husband’s carer for many years after he had a stroke. I felt limited and sometimes isolated but now I feel I can do something worthwhile for myself and my husband. I learned the online self healing course first because I felt I needed healing for myself.

I couldn’t believe that I could actually learn to feel and sense energy. I have now progressed on to the full diploma course in Bio-Energy Healing which I now use for healing for my husband. My next project will be to learn the sound healing training course.

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Jakai – South Africa

I am writing to tell you how delighted I am to have enrolled and completed your energy healing course. It was so easy to learn by just viewing each of the 90 videos one by one and copying everything I could see happening on the screen. It is such a great way to learn this subject. I took your advice about practising and I made up my own model

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Jenny - Dallas, USA

I have been very busy and stressed in my work. I was very fearful of making a decision on a change of career. I had been feeling very nauseous after eating and I couldn’t quite pinpoint what foods I could be sensitive to if any. My doctor said it could be stress related. I felt like a gerbil on a wheel and I couldn’t get off the wheel. Quite by accident I discovered this self-healing course.

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