I have been confined to my wheelchair since I had serious car accident about 25 years ago. I would have difficulty in travelling to do live training courses or adapting to certain physical movements and techniques. Since completing the online animal energy healing course I have a new sense of purpose.

I now have regular requests to do distant healing on different animals. This is so rewarding for me. I now look at what I can do rather than what I can’t do. The distant healing I have done on animals to date has had extraordinary results.

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Moya – Dublin Ireland

I have the highest praise for the team behind the energy healing training course. It was easy to follow and understand as I worked my way through the many video lessons. Everything was laid out in a simple sequence and I was so excited to receive my diploma in energy healing therapy at the end of the training course. Thank you all once again.

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Simon – Wales, UK

I never quite understood what self healing meant. But, I did understand what stress meant for me. It had become a normal way of life. I work as a bus driver. When my immune system went downhill I was off work constantly with aches and pains. I suffered with constant colds and flu’s almost every week.

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