I have been confined to my wheelchair since I had a serious car accident about twenty years ago. I have always had a great love for animals and this appears to be reciprocated whenever I’m in contact with dogs or cats or indeed any animal. In the back of my mind I often thought that I would like to do some type of care work or healing therapy work with animals.

I came across a YouTube video called 'energy healing on a bird' and was absolutely fascinated. This was my first introduction to bio energy healing therapy of any sort. This appealed to me straight away and intuitively I just knew that here was something I would love to be able to do. It turned out to be one of the healing courses online videos. I must admit I was a little worried at first because of my health predicament.

Initially I considered doing a workshop of some kind but I would have difficulty in travelling to do a live training workshop or adapting to making certain strenuous physical movements. I went back online and found your energy healing course for animals. I registered and started doing the course online all on my phone.

It was so easy to just click on a video for any of the techniques and watch them and repeat them as necessary. It took me about three weeks to get through the full course. I was able to practice on my own two dogs which was a great help and they absolutely loved it and looked forward to their therapy each day.

When I finished your training course, the high point for me was receiving my diploma in animal energy healing. My eyes welled with tears of joy when I held that certificate in my hands for the first time. Since completing the online animal energy healing training course I have a new sense of purpose.

I work from my home and word has spread quite rapidly about the work I do. Mostly my healing work involves working with dogs and cats that may have pain or injuries. Many animals are brought to me that may have mental or emotional problems or have been traumatised in some way.

I now have regular requests to do distant healing on different animals including horses. The distant healing I have done on animals to date using bio energy healing therapy has had extraordinary results. This is so rewarding for me. I now feel very positive and look at all the things I can do and I never think about what I can’t do.

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Abigail – Edmonton, Canada

Last year I decided to enrol for the full certified diploma course in bio energy healing. It was so natural and easy to learn as I had already completed the online self healing training course. I work as a special needs assistant for children which I love but it can be stressful at times. 

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Gerard - London, UK

When I finished the bio energy healing online training course I started using this unique combination of bio energy healing methods for organs, glands and different health problems. I was surprised with the results I was getting. It seemed very subtle but yet quite effective and powerful.

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