I would be an absolute sceptic about the existence of something I cannot see or touch such as bio energy. I completed the online animal energy healing training course and started applying what I learned to my own animals. I had no particular problems or issues with any of my animals but I would apply a bit of what I learned on my energy healing course just to get in some practice.

One of my pet dogs Cleo was very old and almost blind but otherwise in good health. One day my neighbour called to drop off his child for playtime with my children. He didn’t see Cleo standing behind the car and reversed into him. Cleo yelped in pain and was lying down on the ground behind the car. Cleo was shocked, I was shocked, the children were in tears and the dog had difficulty standing.

I got down on my knees and applied bio energy flows to Cleo everywhere I could. I applied bio energy flows to his back and spine and hips. Not being sure where he might have received any injury I applied bio energy healing to his head,  front and back legs and his overall body also just in case. For the shock and trauma from the accident I worked quite a lot on his chakras as well.

After about twenty minutes of bio energy therapy Cleo stood up and walked away. We were all amazed. It was like a miracle.  After seeing the results my neighbours and friends started to bring their pets to me for healing. I am seriously thinking of taking this work up professionally as a full time animal energy healing practitioner. Thanks to your tutors for your course and all your back up service.

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Kevin - Durham, England

I have been feeling stressed for years. I completed the self healing plus the sound healing courses online and purchased my first set of tuning forks plus two Tibetan singing bowls after I attended for therapy with a practitioner who had trained in bio energy and sound therapy.

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Marcey – Malaga, Spain

The online animal bio energy healing training course provided an ideal platform for learning about energy fields in animals and how to clear and balance chakras for emotional issues. My dog kept breaking out of her recreation area and a friend had suggested that she may be stressed.

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