My dog sally got badly injured when she was struck by a car. The vet didn’t have much hope for her recovery as she had internal and external damage.

Sally was very fearful and traumatised after the accident apart from being a bit lame. Ironically I had enrolled and completed the animal healing course some months beforehand. I did about 7 sessions of energy healing on Sally. I am pleased to say she is now back to her happy old self again.

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Susanne – Cornwall, UK

I recently completed the bio-energy healing course and received my diploma in bio-energy healing therapy. This is the fulfilment of a lifelong ambition for me as I have always wanted to work in the area of alternative medicine. Since setting up my bio-energy practice I have seen my business increase on a month by month basis

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Carmen - Texas, USA

I recently completed the animal energy healing course. I had been on the look-out for an online course that focused on energy healing techniques for pets. I have two German shepherds one male one female. Both dogs were very unsettled when we first got them as two years olds.

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