My life and health has been transformed thanks to your self healing course. I was made redundant after twenty years working in the same job. I felt helpless, hopeless and useless. I felt too old for studying and too young to stop working. I was taking anti-depressants prescribed by my doctor. I was bordering on depression and was at my lowest ever feeling and started roaming through the internet basically passing time.

I decided to start searching and putting in words like how to help myself or heal myself and suddenly I came across this self healing online training course. I couldn’t believe it at first that I could actually initiate a healing process in my own body by using my own natural energy. This didn’t make sense as my belief system would be that if you get sick in any way, you go to your doctor and he would cure you.

However now I wanted to learn more. I wanted to learn about the possible cause of my state of being and if there was any way I could get to the bottom of my problem and lift myself out of this black hole of hopelessness. I decided there and then that I needed to take hold of the reins and start to sort myself out.

I registered for the online self healing training course and was fascinated with the whole area of energy and bio energy healing. It was new knowledge to me that mental attitude and a determination to get out of my self-pity frame of mind would be the change that would get me back on my feet again. I quickly learned all about chakras and my emotional body and started applying the bio energy balancing methods to my own chakras.

As a past-time I do more and more dowsing after seeing all the dowsing videos in the course. My father was a well known diviner, and I always had an interest in dowsing. I never thought I would be able to do this. I have now joined a dowsing society and I am learning so much more about the limitless possibilities of dowsing for my own health and well-being.

I have purchased some Tibetan singing bowls which I use to help me relax in the evenings and they are a great help to use when I meditate. Just to tap a bowl and let it sing out, grounds me immediately and I can forget about my long day at work and just be in the moment. No stress, just pure relaxation and inner healing.

It was uplifting to learn that despite my earlier feelings of hoplessness I was actually in control of my own life, my own health and my own destiny. I am so pleased to have got my life back on track. I have discovered a new me and have started a new job which I am enjoying with opportunities to progress upwards.

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Simon – Wales, UK

I never quite understood what self healing meant. I actually thought it had something to do with therapy of some kind, but then how can you do therapy on yourself?  I did understand what stress meant but unfortunately it had become a normal way of life for me. 

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Kristin - Birmingham, UK

I am so thankful to you for this online self healing training course. I was out of work through illness and physically, emotionally and mentally I was at a very low place in my life. Watching the training videos I realised I was in control of my own life and my own outcomes.

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