Jakai – South Africa
I am writing to tell you how delighted I am to have enrolled and completed your energy healing course. It was so easy to learn by just viewing each of the 90 videos one by one and copying everything I could see happening on the screen. It is such a great way to learn this subject.  I took your advice about practising and I made up my own model which is almost life-sized. This was a great way to practice all the various hand positions.
This made it so much easier as you said it would when I began doing healing work on my family and friends. I felt comfortable and confident that I did the techniques properly. The section on dowsing was absolutely amazing. I never realised that you could ask so many questions using a pendulum. This was a great discovery for me. My mother has been very unwell in South Africa. I felt hopeless not being able to help her because of the distance we live apart. She would have great belief in all kinds of natural healing.

I learned the online energy healing training course. The video demonstrations have been very beneficial to my learning this amazing course. I now apply distant healing to my mother on a regular basis and she really feels the benefits. Using a sample of my mother’s hair and a photograph I was able to check her chakras for imbalances or blockages. This was so that I could decide which chakras I needed to prioritize, when applying the bio energy healing.

I was also able to check the same samples of her hair to identify any food sensitivities she may have. I felt humbled that I was able to be of help to my mother even though she lives many miles away. I am truly delighted to have done this course and appreciate your continued support. Thank you for this great gift you have shared.

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