Sara – A case study
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Sara aged 51 booked in for an unlimited number of bio-energy sessions combined with sound therapy. She requested at least ten therapy sessions on consecutive days. Sara had taken leave from her work where she was employed as a fulltime nurse in a busy hospital. Sara had been diagnosed with breast cancer approximately three weeks prior to her call to out healing centre.

Doctors had found a malignant growth in Sara’s right breast of approximately 6 centimetres in diameter. Despite advice and encouragement from personnel in the medical profession and from her family and friends, Sara wished to explore every other avenue before making a decision whether to have surgery or any other medical intervention.

On meeting with Sara and before applying any therapy we explained to Sara that it may be beneficial for her to have a GDV (Gas Discharge Visualisation) scan. This would also indicate for us if there were any unusual stresses in any of Sara’s organs or systems at an energetic level. It would also indicate any misalignments or imbalances in the energy fields of any of Sara’s seven main chakras at an energy level. This may also indicate any spinal misalignments Sara may have.

Based on the results of the GDV scan which indicated many stresses in Sara’s body at an emotional and mental level, it also indicated that many of Sara’s chakra were out of alignment and out of balance. Sara was made aware we would not be attempting to treat, cure or heal her medical condition, but rather our aim would be to help aid, facilitate and activate healthy physiological activity within the body to enable the body’s own natural ability to help heal itself.

Sara was aware that there was no guarantee of success with the combination of therapies we suggested, but they may help with her condition.
Sara’s reaction to the news of her cancer had been one of shock and anger, disbelief and dismay. With Sara’s approval it was decided that two therapists would work together for the duration of each session. Whilst one therapist applied bio-energy techniques to the base chakra to help decrease the level of shock and trauma experienced by Sara, the other therapist would apply a specific bio-energy technique which we apply in the case of growths and tumours.

While one therapist continued to clear and balance the root / base chakra, the other therapist continued with the specific technique described above.
During each therapy session, Sara lay on the vibroacoustic sound healing therapy table whilst a number of different frequencies in ranges between 60 Hz and 150 Hz created vibrations through the therapy table. Sara continued to receive therapy on a daily basis. We encouraged Sara to address her relationship with food from under eating to overeating and to change to quality of food rather than quantity.

We advised her for her overall health and well-being that she may need to discontinue cigarette smoking and reduce her alcohol intake. Sara took all this on board.

When Sara returned for her sixth session she relayed to us that she had had a very restless and disturbed night’s sleep the previous night. She explained that all the memories she had suppressed over the years came tumbling out. She remembered being a young student nurse when she had met what she called  ‘the man of her dreams’ and had fallen in love with him.

Her parents and family totally disapproved of this man because they believed he was not of their social standing. Sara’s parent’s hoped this relationship would fizzle out and fail in time, but before it did Sara found out that she was pregnant.

He parents, her family and her friends totally disowned her. She felt alone and abandoned, but as she said herself “I survived”. Sara and her boyfriend eventually got married and they had two more children.

Sara’s many attempts at reconciliation with her parents failed. She eventually gave up on these reconciliation attempts and focused on her children and her job. Her marriage broke up shortly after her third child was born. She found herself in serious financial difficulties, but she managed and struggled on with little or no support from anyone.

Sara always hoped at some level that her parents would be forgiving and accepting of her and her children, but this never happened.  Sara’s family were now financially well established. She hoped some day she would receive some gift from their estate before or after they passed away.
Her father passed away aged 80, approximately 5 years ago without Sara even being informed of his passing.

Her mother passed away one year ago aged 82, without any reconciliation. Sara remembered the day the will was read out. Her parents had disinherited her completely. The shock, the anger, the pain, the grief, the rage, the injustice, the hurt – she said it was like a stab in her chest. Sara felt that she had left her body for a brief moment at that moment in time.

During the continuing therapy sessions we combined bio-energy with sound therapy. The aim of applying sound therapy was to help aid and facilitate healthy physiological activity in the area of the right breast.  Following the verbalisation of all emotions Sara felt she had suppressed for many years, Sara said she felt as if a huge weight had been lifted off her chest.

After ten sessions with a similar combination of therapies; bio-energy, sound healing and vibroacoustic therapy, Sara returned to her home place. She requested a break of two weeks from therapy and requested five sessions of distant healing therapy during which we applied the same combinations of therapies at a distance as we had applied when Sara attended in person.

Sara contacted us approximately six weeks later. She had discontinued smoking, reduced her alcohol intake, and had attended a dietician regarding her foods. Sara had also been applying the self-healing bio-energy and sound healing techniques that she had learned at our healing centre. She also applied stress reduction exercises and abdominal breathing techniques almost every day.

On Sara’s follow-up visit to her health care consultant Sara was delighted to be informed that her tumour had reduced in size to almost half a centimetre. Sara felt uplifted and positive about her future. She felt she had let go of a lot of baggage she had been carrying for many years.

She decided to take extra leave from her work to travel and gain new experiences, and to see the world and enjoy living.

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