Aoife – a case study
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Aoife aged11 years accompanied by her mother attended for bio-energy therapy for anxiety and bedwetting. Aoife had been dry at night from the age of 3 years old until she was 7 years old. She had attended clinics, therapists, and general health care practitioners but the bedwetting continued. He social life with her family and friends.

had now become affected because if she knows that she will be staying overnight with relatives or friends, she becomes anxious and when she does stay overnight she wets the bed. Her parents had become exhausted trying to resolve the problem. Her happiness and well-being was their priority. Her parents could not throw any light on the possible cause of Aoife’s bedwetting.

Aoife was booked in for 5 bio-energy therapy sessions with sound therapy.

On her first session she went into a deep state of relaxation and slept on and off throughout the session. On her second therapy session she went into a deep sleep-like state until about halfway through the session. She suddenly sat up on the therapy table saying in a loud voice; “Daddy’s trying to kill mammy, there’s blood, there’s blood everywhere”. She then lay down and returned to her sleep-like state.

Her mother who was with Aoife in the therapy room was a little shocked at Aoife’s statement. Later on in the evening of the second therapy session when Aoife and her mother were back home Aoife’s mother rang our clinic. She had time to reflect back to any incidencent that may have contributed to Aoife’s bed wetting. Aoife’s mother said she remembers she had gone outside the conservatory to bring in some toys as it was raining. It was quite late and dark and her husband had just gone to bed.

The conservatory door slammed shut behind her. She pushed hard but the door wouldn’t open. She gave it one last good push but she slipped on the wet ground and her hand went through the glass of the door.

She started screaming for her husband who ran down the stairs. Aoife’s mother was on the ground screaming with pain. There was blood everywhere.
Aoife’s father was shouting “what happened.” He thought she had been attacked.

Aoife hearing all the commotion, noise and screaming ran down the stairs. The parents did not see Aoife standing there in shock. All Aoife saw was her father shouting, her mother crying and blood everywhere.

Aoife’s mother was taken to the accident and emergency department in the local hospital by a neighbour. Her father returned to bed. Eventually her mother returned home. Her injuries were not serious and all that was required was a few stitches. No one told Aoife what actually happened. Her parents were not aware that Aoife had witnessed any of this incident.

The shock and fear that Aoife had experienced was buried deep in her sub-conscious mind. The therapy had decreased the intensity of the shock and trauma so it became a memory rather than a crippling emotion. On the third session we introduced sound therapy to help activate the natural healing process in the area of the physical body which may have been affected by the shock and trauma.

In each of the three bio-energy sessions we applied chakra clearing and balancing to the base chakra. After the third therapy session Aoife was able to tell her parents what she remembered on the night of the accident. Following the third session Aoife’s bedwetting ceased completely and did not re-occur.

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