Chest pains, couldn’t breathe & I thought my heart was going to stop

Chest pains, couldn’t breathe & I thought my heart was going to stop

A 65-year-old man attended for therapy complaining of chest pains and some breathing difficulties. Despite numerous medical tests, there would appear to be no physical cause for his ongoing chest problems. His doctor suggested that he needed to relax more.

As this man explained how he felt, he said the pains and tightness in his chest started approximately 4 years ago after his wife had died suddenly. He had a vague memory of having similar pains after he was involved in an incident at sea when he was in his 20’s.

The boat he was in with four of his friends had capsized. All five people were rescued and they were all lucky to survive the accident. He said he just got on with his life and tried to forget the incident and tried to keep himself busy and occupied. He used numerous coping mechanisms to prevent him dwelling on the event, such as medication and excessive alcohol consumption.

A traumatic and emotional event had occurred and nothing can change that fact.
 The unresolved and unprocessed emotions such as loss, hurt and sadness may now be causing energy blockages in the energy field of this person’s chest and heart chakra.

Closure of the heart chakra may be a factor in the physical problem he now presents with relating to his chest pains and tightness around the area of the heart and lungs now affecting his breathing. 
Other similar events may have compounded the emotions already suppressed in his energy field.

If emotions such as shame, guilt, loss, rage, anger and so on associated with a trauma are suppressed and not processed, this could cause closure and blockages in the chakras related to these emotions, and may also have an effect on the organs, and muscles corresponding with this chakra.

In this scenario the therapist applied bio energy techniques for the physical pain in his chest, heart and lungs area. They also applied heart chakra clearing and balancing applications for the emotional loss and grief he has experienced.

Energy healing techniques were applied to the energy field of the heart to help decrease the intensity of unresolved grief. This can also help to stimulate and activate this man’s own natural inner healing ability. Also clearing and balancing the energy field of the relevant chakras to help decrease the intensity of the emotions associated with the various traumas.

This man attended for the recommended five bio energy healing sessions over the next two week period. He gradually felt the improvements more and more with each bio energy therapy session.

Following his fifth and final session his feedback was that his chest pains had practically gone. He applied the diaphragmatic breathing techniques regularly which was a major help with his breathing.

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