Overweight, mood swings, low self worth and I was bullied in school

Overweight, mood swings, low self worth and I was bullied in school

I have suffered with anxiety and low self-esteem since my early teens. I was bullied at school on a regular basis because of my weight. I never felt good enough. I left school as soon as I could and found a job working as a care assistant in a home for the elderly.

I met my husband while I was working there. I got pregnant within 6 months of meeting him. I was 19 years old then. I had my second child 2 years later. My husband worked away from home so I felt overwhelmed, lost and alone. My family couldn’t understand why I was so unhappy.

I went for counselling and started a new regime of medication. The medication seemed to help a little but I felt drowsy and dopy most of the time. I had also gained a lot of weight over the past few years which didn’t help with my self esteem.

I never seemed to fit in anywhere or with anyone. I believed my husband loved me but I felt he had difficulty at times coping with my moods and erratic behaviour. All of this went round and around in my head.

I spent a lot of time sitting down so I had a lot of time on my hands. I never really learned how to use a computer so I started practising on my husband’s computer. One day I tapped in ‘anxiety and depression’. This site came up on the screen. I was amazed. It was a training centre for bio energy therapy, Sound Healing therapy, and more.

I read all I could on this bio energy therapy. It all made so much sense to me. I realised then that there wasn’t actually anything wrong with me. My reaction to life’s experiences had been affecting me all my life. It wasn’t really me – the person I am that was the problem. I had never really learned coping skills for life’s events and traumas and I had never learned to accept myself as I am.

I decided in the midst of all the chaos that was happening inside and around me that I was going to attend for this bio energy therapy. I booked in for 5 sessions. I wasn’t promised any miraculous changes by the therapist but bit by bit I learned to let go of old belief systems and old conditioning.

The bio energy therapist explained that no therapy would change what has happened in my life but by decreasing the intensity of some traumatic events in my life, I may be able to move on with my life and learn new coping mechanisms.

I was really surprised at how this simple technique of using bio energy could be so powerful and effective. When all the layers of conditioning were peeled away and discarded I found the being that is me that had been buried for years. This therapy changed my life for the better in so many ways.

I have learned that I can accept myself as I am, and for me that is a massive achievement.

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